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#salad with Turkey and Italian salami; meat; and garlic dresssing with lettuce, olives, salt, pepper, dash of mustard

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Another #homecooking #dinner with layers of #eggplant#meat#potato#seasoning and baked

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A beautiful rack of #lamb#cooking #homecooking with #garlic#rosemary, olive oil and bread crumb rub and #salt and #pepper, seared briefly and then oven for 15 minutes. #foodies #food#foodphotography @artofeating

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I made a #beef #stew#homecooking #foodies; braise the beef with onions and salt and #mushrooms and then add carrots, sherry, pepper, spices, paprika, potato, chicken stock


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Tuna melts

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A #homemade #breakfast of #poachedeggs #eggs #food #foodies on toast with Matouk’s green seasoning and #Bajan hot #pepper #sauce eating with #cheese

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Muhammara – A Lebanese dish


Beef stew – Worcestershire sauce


I started by buying beef “minute steak” and then flouring the cubes. Place them in a bowl with flour, a dash of cumin and salt. Fry the beef cubes in olive oil and set aside. Then fry onions and carrots in olive oil in a big pot. Add the steak and a cup of chicken stock and a 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce. Salt, pepper, a dash of chili. Add more carrots and peeled potatoes cut into inch cubes. Add more water until the large pot is filled to the brim. Bring to a boil and return to low heat and leave it for three hours. Check on the water from time to time. Eventually the beat should almost fall apart in your spoon. Serve over rice.

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