Over the years my work has gained praise and criticism from a variety of diverse voices;

I like Seth Frantzman. I don’t always agree with him, but he always makes me think.-Varda Epstein

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“Seth Frantzman is just so correct, but who will tell the Easterners [in Nigeria].”-A Nigerian responds to my piece on Islamism

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“Reform your ideas about the ME”-Saudi woman responds to article in which I suggested Saudi was not reforming…in 2010

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“An informative piece…good reminder of the past”-Faigie Haiman, Women for the Wall post in response to feature story 

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The Lifta Society looks at my piece on ‘reclaiming Lifta’

“Seth Frantzman exposes a myth popularised by NGOs and in lazy media coverage that most Arabs on the West Bank dwell in Bible-like towns, caves or hovels,”-AIJAC applauds my piece on racism and orientalism

Jewish Refugees blog looks at my review of Achar

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“malicious and offensive to the people of Saudi Arabia”-Embassy of Saudi Arabia

“He conducted a dialogue of the deaf“-Isracampus looks at an email exchange with Haim Beresheeth

“Frantzman compares Hindu Nationalism and Zionism.”-Anna Guttman, ‘Writing Indians and Jews’

“As Seth Frantzman pointed out in a recent article in this newspaper (“Institutionalized harassment of women,” April 30), the male-dominated workplace has been much too tolerant of sexual harassment.”-‘Why do Jewish women still need to demand equality?’, National Council of Jewish women

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  • “He sent that email”-Commenting on my exchange regarding the Duke case
  • “Frantzman cited numerous examples.”-Gipper’s chutzpah
  • “you could have saved yourself a lot of digging by referring to the article this week by Seth Frantzman.”-Pinhas Baram
  • “Seth Frantzman wrote it”-A Bosnian recollects about my article on Bosnian volunteers in the 1948 war
  • Seth Frantzman in JPost showed this and other sloppiness about this study a few weeks ago.”-Elder of Zion blog commenting on my work on the Khazar myth
  • Commentary“-Association of former intelligence officers
  • “Seth Frantzman is right” about defining Islamism as a crime against humanity
  • ” Sand had ten minutes to present what Seth Frantzman called his ‘revisionist pseudo-history.'”-CIF Watch 
  • Ami Magazine looks at my piece on “liberating the wall from whom”
  • “It was all put together by Seth Frantzman”, regarding organ trafficking in Kosovo
  • Reprinted in Eritrean “Amarino” blog

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“Seth Frantzman is exactly right.”-Jessie Speer 
philosophy senior, 2003 ‘Arizona Daily Wildcat

One response to “Praise

  1. This is a general comment about Seth J. Frantzman who I have just discovered. Today, have now read some half dozen columns, all surprisingly knowledgeable and creative. Even when I do not agree, I have to agree Frantzman opinions are worth reading. The columns do not back or protect one country, ethnic group, political party, or side unless the side is all of humanity. That is a rarity.

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