Why can’t Iran export culture rather than sectarianism?

In point of fact the number of Iranian or Iranian-backed Shia terrorists is actually relatively small in comparison to the overall incidents of terror in the Middle East when it comes to mass-murder attacks or bombings, which are mostly carried out by Sunni takfiris, Islamists, Jihadists, etc. But in terms of the overall arc of support for Hezbollah and various terror operations, such as in Argentina, the Iranian regime has been a terror supporter.

Today’s real terror that the Iranian regime is involved in is primarily the propping up of Assad’s war machine, which has caused 5 million refugees and killed some 200,000 people.

But has the Iranian regime ever said anything tolerant, anything positive and peaceful. Has it built universities in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon or Syria. Has it endowed culture and art galleries. Has it opened Iran to cultural exchange and cultural export and art and all those things that peace is built on. No.

It is probably the single greatest threat to the Middle East and its rising economic and political influence will destabilize more countries, increase radicalism and sectarianism; and cause the Middle East to continue its slide into a darker abyss and darker future for generations.

Everyday Iran could be using its cultural resources to lay the groundwork for a better Middle East, because unlike the empty vessel of the Sunni nihilism like Daesh, Iran has much to offer. But it doesn’t bother to cultivate that.

And that is all because of the nature of its regime. And Iran, the country, is intricately linked to that regime, as much as people want to pretend that “most” Iranians may oppose it; if they oppose it then they should be fighting and resisting it.

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