Are Israel’s professional populists totally misguided?

The professional populist centrists in Israel seem to be the worst when it comes to the “occupation”, because their populism makes them seek the best of both worlds and end up with the worst of both solutions. Their concept is to, at one and the same time, pander to the concept that “the settlers and occupation are the problem”, while pandering to the concept that “the Palestinians want to drive us into the sea so we must maintain the occupation.”

They hate the right people, i.e they bash “the Haredim” or “the settlers” or “the Palestinians”, or “the radical left” when need be, and they tend to like the right things, they eulogize Rabin and listen to Idan Raichel and parrot back whatever “trend” is necessary to like at the moment. Professionally in the center, ideologically empty. They might have considered giving the Golan to elder Assad for peace when it was cool to do so, then they all want to keep it now that younger “Assad revealed he was bad.”

They believed in two states, but then don’t really believe in two states. They think Palestinians and Haredi demographics are bad, but then they want to talk about democracy. Administrative detention for those who the security heavies are bad; and listening to all the ex-military people with chests full of medals, because the military knows best.

Not really religious, but accept the Rabbinate’s rule over everything. They don’t mind draft evasion among their rich friends, but they support army service. They oppose, in a kind of theoretical way, racism against Arabs, but they support acceptance committees and don’t mind racism against Mizrahim or Ethiopians.

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