America’s cult of exaggerated victimhood and “safe” zones

I have to words. “Too bad.”

But in America, that’s probably racist, just if I don’t want to listen to you blubber for hours and “feel your pain.”

Frankly…little rich kids…your pain can go stuff it. I could care less, you little rich pampered Americans. You want to whine and need your safe space. The Syrian kids in Greece didn’t get a “safe space.”

So screw you.

Sorry, little rich kids…who never had jobs…who’ve never had to work for a day, who just always need to tell everyone how “vulnerable” you are because of Halloween, which is for kids anyway…

And you’re in college. College…when other people are fighting wars and dying…and you are whining about your little Halloween costumes.

Welcome to the future of America. Where people cry all day and need their “spaces” and their “vulnerable feelings” and can’t do anything without a bubble of being coddled.

Little American rich kids suffer less in their entire life than many millions of people in the world do in a week…but they want us to all cater to them like little pampered kings…with little pillow filled “safe” rooms.

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