The Yezidis and ‘never again’

By SETH J. Frantzman

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.00.20 PM

ISIS in 2014

Anyone who ever says “never again” should be shamed. Can you believe that in the Obama administration is an expert on genocide and US policy. Samantha Power wrote: ‘A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide’, a study of the U.S. foreign policy response to genocide.

But when there was a genocide last year, in front of our very eyes, where literally hundreds of ISIS twitter accounts bragging about slaughtering Yezidis and selling women, the US did basically nothing to prevent it. A few air drops and a bit of help to get the survivors out of Shingal mountain.

But nothing was done. Much of the killing of Yezidis was done with US military equipment taken from the Iraqi army. Can you believe that?

If the Holocaust happened today and was broadcast live on Twitter, the Western countries would do NOTHING. They would do LESS than was done against Hitler. Mark my words, during the Holocaust there was LESS knowledge of what Hitler was doing. Hitler wasn’t on Twitter, the SS guards weren’t on twitter bragging.

But ISIS was on Twitter, they posted videos of the massacre of Shia and Camp Speicher. They posted proudly photos of people lying on the ground being machine-gunned, in scenes exactly like the Holocaust. They separated men and women and dug mass graves. They did it on Facebook on Twitter.

And the West did nothing basically.

Don’t say never again. Say “I lived and watched genocide on Twitter and my government did nothing and I protested climate change but I did nothing for victims of genocide.”

Don’t lie. The wealthiest countries in the world did nothing. Don’t tell me about airstrikes a year later, or bombing ISIS oil a year and a half later.

But you lived through this…and you lived through the Rwandan genocide and Darfur…and did nothing.

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