Trump’s false purposeful ‘stupidity’ fooled everyone

For everyone out there and the politicians who think that calling Donald Trump “stupid” and “ignorant” is going to defeat him in this election, you seem not to be paying attention. He has gone from victory to victory. The mayor of Paris and London, the Prime Minister of the UK and many other people keep repeating the same thing: “He is ignorant”, “he is stupid.”

Why do they say it?

Didn’t people learn that even in grade school, calling someone “stupid” doesn’t win arguments.

And Donald Trump isn’t stupid. He’s not as “ignorant” as he seems. He may be many things, but ignorant and stupid are not necessarily two of them. Racist? Demagogue? Dangerous? Divisive? Angry? Chauvinist? Offensive? But not stupid.

He says stupid things. He says things that are ignorant.

But don’t confuse saying stupid and ignorant things with being stupid. Someone doesn’t get to be as rich and successful (even in an unsuccessful, all my businesses failed way), as Trump, and be “stupid.” He may be alarmingly unsuccessful, but oddly, he built up an empire on many bad business deals, and a brand.

So you don’t like the brand? Like you don’t like the Kardashians. But as with the Kardashians, they aren’t “stupid” either. Vulgar? Ok. Stupid? No.

What if, and that’s scary, Donald Trump has been playing stupid because he correctly read the GOP tea-leaves this year and realized an “aww shuks” populist would do well, and a bit of racism and xenophobia would do well. Now he will change his brand….he’s an entertainer.

That’s not ignorant…that’s quite prescient.

What if the stupid and ignorant people are those who underestimated Trump (including me), and who in their litany of words thrown at him, like “stupid,” actually enabled him. He was a “victim” of all the “elites” who called him names.

You called him stupid and you enabled? What if…

There is no evidence that all those like Max Boot ranting about how Trump is the “least qualified ever…ignorant”…cause Trump to have less votes. Maybe he gets more because of it.

Maybe it’s time to confront Trump on a different playing field. The “you’re stupid” one isn’t working.


One response to “Trump’s false purposeful ‘stupidity’ fooled everyone

  1. very true. a huge number of Toronto voters remain incredibly loyal to the recently deceased mayor for the previous term, Rob Ford, despite tons of scandals. Had he run again he might have made it. And his nastier older brother almost edged out the current mayor.

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