White privilege and the French protester who hit a journalist


Remember the migrants and refugees who slapped a female journalist while she was filming live?  Remember the black-clad Islamic extremists who hit a woman live on television?  No.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.23.23 PM

Screenshot of an article about the incident at Metro.co.uk

Because it wasn’t “migrants”, it was a white man in France. It wasn’t “Egyptians attack journalist”.  It was just described as a singular, individual.

Want the best example of white privilege?  A recent report showed how the journalist was slapped in the head while filming live in Paris, France. This one scene and how it was reported, or not reported, is illustrative of what is white privilege.  When a white man beats a woman, he isn’t part of a “white mob”, he isn’t part of a “French mob” or a “Christian mob”, he’s just one man.  He is “black bloc”, an “anarchist”, or a “protestor.”  He is not representative of all French people.  No, of course not.  Because that would be unfair.

But if it was an Egyptian man slapping a journalist live on air during a protest, to be sure all Egypt would have done it.  If it was “migrants” or “North Africans”, then it would be all of them.

Aggressive white men, especially when they are pretending to be on the “left” or “anarchist” left can act out their often spoiled, privileged, entitled aggression and not be called on it. That’s why a journalist was attacked in broad daylight in Paris.  How is this behavior different than the “migrants” in Cologne?  He was “entitled”, he felt that her body belonged to him.

They want to point fingers and pretend that the “migrants” brought sexual harassment or attacks on women.  But deep within the privileged society is the same view of women. The same aggressive, chauvinist, behavior.

Maybe its time they check their privilege?  Maybe they ask themselves why it is, so long as you are European, it is acceptable to slap a woman, but if you are an “other” then it isn’t.



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