If KKK terrorism had been explained and reported the way terrorism is reported today:

– The KKK is seeking to drive a wedge between white people and black people
– All this crazy violence has a goal and that is to create a backlash against Christian, whites, and divide societies and make white people feel they have no choice but to join the KKK because of the backlash against whites after terror attacks.
– KKK is not a white or Christian organization
– How come no one cares about white victims of the KKK, they also target white communists
– The KKK is not a white, christian organization because it targets black christians, who are also christians.
– KKK has perverted and given a bad name to Christianity.
– Christianity is a religion of peace and most white people are peaceful
– KKK is a response to anti-white policies
-KKK is a response to Yankee policies
-KKK is a response to disenfranchisement of lower class whites who have been radicalized.
– Most people who are radicalized are not truly Christians, and their grievances are exploited and manipulated by the KKK which uses social media effectively.
– Some KKK attacks are in fact just workplace violence.
– We must be wary about playing into KKK’s hands by targeting innocent white, Christians, which will lead to further radicalization.
– It’s essential to work with Christian, white, moderates.
– Terrorism is a prejudiced term.
– KKK is a form of violent extremism, to stigmitzie white, Christians, by associating it with them.

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