‘Jerusalem Post’ interview with Russian Deputy FM Oleg Syromolotov

On February 20 I met Russian Federation Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolov for an interview in Jerusalem.  The interview was published in The Jerusalem Post on February 21.

In it Syromolotov discusses key aspects of the Israel-Russia relationship, the region and also the international community. He noted,  “There are a number of ways Israel and Russia can work together…One thing relates to sharing information, and there is cooperation in international forums such as the UN, and that is one of the major and important parts of the work we do.”

Also relating to the international community, “First, it is necessary to set up a joint international database listing foreign terrorists and militants. Second, it is necessary to set up a database and a system for monitoring their movements. And, third, it is necessary to simplify the extradition of foreign terrorists and militants from one state to another, because the extradition procedure is rather lengthy.”

For the whole interview see the link above. Transcript will also follow.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 8.00.09 PM.png

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