Has ‘western civilization’ become a big a massive hypocritical joke on its own people?

Sometimes I feel like western “civilization” today is basically a calculated exercise in mass social engineering attempting to get people to believe the opposite of what they naturally know to be true. In numerous categories this appears to be true. For instance you have something that is full of extremist hate and the West will teach you it is “tolerance” and that any attempt to disagree with it is “hate” so that actually the tolerant people who would like a tolerant open-minded society are “hateful” for objecting to something that is obviously, and actually, hateful.
We are continually told that what seems totally normal is in fact abnormal, that the kind of reactions one has instinctually is in fact wrong.
The more I look at it I see an attempt to totally deracinate the human being from their human instincts and turn them into post-human, to force them to keep within their minds to diametrically opposed ideas. And once you are fully socially engineered to one thing, for instance let’s say you are totally secularized and think religion is basically ridiculous, then you are told you must admire religion and condemn “blasphemy” and be accepting of the Salem Witch Trials mentality. Once you have been conditioned to accept all forms of dress, such that any judgement of people walking around half-nude means you are “moralizing” and “disgusting chauvinist”…then you are told that actually “modesty is beautiful”…
You’re told that people should be into non-violence and self-determination, but then told at the same time how romantic terrorism and mass murdering violence is, and that people who would like self-determination, must not have it. You’re told to be into minority rights, but then support regimes that deny minority rights. You’re told to be into freedom but also slavery. Worker’s rights but then the denial of rights to workers in certain “good” countries.
You get the feeling that western education is sort of a joke played on people to see if we can get them to believe X, just so we can then show them Y and say “now Y is good” and see if, in the name of following the new “correct” thinking they will all run to Y. Gender segregation. We’re against that! But wait…actually then we have it at our local left-wing party meeting, because actually it’s about tolerance. Culture is, for instance, offended by “toxic masculinity” and “patriarchy”…but then actually adores it, just in certain “correct” settings.
You’re left scratching your head at one point and wondering why a civilization that rejected the KKK and Nazis excuses ISIS, which is a combination of the two. And then maybe you realize that your civilization today is just a giant contradictory hypocrisy…
  • For instance, our universities and cultural institutions that teach us about tolerance and rights…all partner with countries that…what a surprise, deny rights to 80-90% of their residents…art galleries that talk “freedom of expression” work with those who deny freedom. At some point you have to just say, this culture is ridiculous.
  • Also for instance our “freedom” loving radical left in the West supports Assad. They call it “anti-imperialism.” That’s basically western civilization in a nutshell. Wealthy people in a privileged democracy supporting mass murder dictatorship. And they call it “freedom” and they call murder “resistance”

    I’m tired of the civilization that says I should support rights of people but also support mass murder of them; I don’t think resistance is murder, and I opt not to be part of such a society.

One response to “Has ‘western civilization’ become a big a massive hypocritical joke on its own people?

  1. This is the modus operandi of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is infiltrating the Western mind. It is not a creation ex-vacuum of the West. Of all people I would have thought you would know about this.

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