People in Iraq and Syria have been fighting ISIS Nazis for three years, where were you?


Lots of people have suddenly become aware of Nazis and hate parading on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, where one person was killed in a car-ramming attack. Now they are talking awareness about Nazism and supremacism.

For three years people have been fighting Nazi-like hatred of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and often received too little support and too late to save thousands of lives. ISIS carried out its 2014 genocide of Yazidis in Sinjar on twitter and Facebook. It posted videos proudly showing its atrocities against Shia in Camp Speicher and Tal Afar and elsewhere. It didn’t hide its massacres of men at Tabqa. It put out videos of beheadings, burning people to death, blowing them up and all manner of terrible crimes. It sold thousands of women into slavery.

And yet, there was barely even one protest against ISIS in the West. The European states allowed 5,000 ISIS members to leave to joint the genocide, but didn’t have 5,000 protests. There were more ISIS members in Europe than people protesting ISIS Nazis. ISIS openly recruited in 2014 and 2015. It sold women on social media and most people said nothing. Instead of condemning ISIS Nazism, states such as Denmark have offered “rehab” in the form of gym memberships and “hugs.”

It’s hard to understand the moral bankruptcy when people offer genocide a welcome and won’t protest it. But that is because we have become inured to ISIS Nazism. We don’t protest it or fight against it, or do much of anything. So when people talk about Nazism in America, they are right to struggle against Nazism, but where were they the last three years as people in Iraq and Syria, many of them Kurdish fighters and some foreign volunteers, as well as Shia militias, have been fighting ISIS? Fighting real genocide. Fighting slavery.

One cannot have selective moral outrage, such that a car ramming attack in Virginia is shocking, but murdering 6,000 people in Iraq is not. Yet too often we are given this selective outrage. What is the difference between an ISIS flag and a Nazi flag? They represent the same genocidal ideology of supremacism. You cannot tolerate one and not the other.

One response to “People in Iraq and Syria have been fighting ISIS Nazis for three years, where were you?

  1. There have been protests against ISIS in the West but they’ve mostly been ignored.

    Anti-ISIS demonstrations in the West have been staged almost exclusively by Yazidis, Assyrians, Kurds, and Sunni Muslims. The left / ‘antifa’ have been notably absent from them.

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