If society had treated KKK violence the way it treats ISIS-inspired violence, we’d have these kinds of responses (taken from actual responses):

If society had treated KKK violence the way it treats ISIS-inspired violence, we’d have these kinds of responses (taken from actual responses):

* “Headline: White people fear backlash after lynching”
* “Whenever I hear there is a lynching I wait with fear to see if it is a white person who did it”
* “Good that suspect is in custody so he can be prosecuted to fullest extent of law & victims can get justice.”
* “Lots of terrorism talk and speculation on local and national news re this lynching incident. I don’t remember that happening after the killing in Altamont.”
* “Prosecute the criminal, not the race.”
* “Too early to say if this man hanging from a tree and burned is terrorism.”
* “Obviously a deranged, senseless and cowardly act.”
* “Another reminder that the terms terrorism & terrorist are only deployed when perceived white Christians are involved.”
* “Natchez News reports murderer said ‘White is right,’ queue the whitophobia.”
* “Every believing Christian prays to the cross, we cannot criminalize the cross just because some people burn it on others lawns. Prosecute the criminal, not the faith and race.”
* “That idiot KKK member has given JFK what he wants: to impose increasingly totalitarian policies.”
* “I send condolences after any attack, wherever it happens, but I never, as a Christian, accept responsibility.”
* “Ask after your friends/neighbors/schoolmates who are white during these days when every white Christian is rendered guilty by association.”
* “What we need is extreme vetting to keep these kinds of people out of our country.”
* “It’s time to start profiling.”



There is a mass agenda to try to get the public to accept far-right religious intolerance terrorism as part of life, as “random” and “senseless” and “deranged” and “part of living in a city”; this attitude is also encouraged by governments and mass media narratives so that people will be kept complacent and quiet, they are expected to accept being killed.

I don’t accept today’s Nazi-like terror anymore than my ancestors accepted the KKK. Why is it that only one type of terror is always excused? Inquisition? No. KKK? No. Nazism? No. If we didn’t get used to that way Just we get used to today’s Nazism?

The fruits of far-right religious intolerance terror today can be seen in places like Pakistan and other places where it gains a foothold as official law and executes people for “blasphemy.” ISIS gained a foothold and committed genocide, with the help of 6,000 recruits from Europe. ISIS thrived because people called it “random” and “senseless”.

It’s not “random” and it’s not “senseless”. You can keep saying random all you want because you’re afraid to hold one group to the same standards you hold former KKK societies. But it doesn’t make it go away. The US ignored the KKK crimes for almost 100 years. Probably it will keep saying “random” about the new KKK which is ISIS-style. But it won’t make it go away.

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