A list of all those accused of sexual harassment and sexism in media


There is a massive and growing list of men in media and journalist who have been accused of sexual harassment. Every day brings new names. Axios has a list, but it points to a massive culture of harassment, often at “left leaning” or “liberal” or “progressive” venues that shows men have used their self-righteous entitlement in media to abuse their colleagues, who they often claim to be “mentoring.”

Here is Axios list

Besides those listed below there is also, Matt Lauer, Lockhart Steele, Stephen Blackwell, Michael Oreskes, Roger LeMay, Jann Wenner, Matt Zimmerman, Jimmy Soni, Giuseppe Castellano, Knight Landesman, Kirt Webster, Roy Price, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes

Not a Praire home
Garrison “Keillor, the creator and former host of A Prairie Home Companion, has been accused of inappropriate behavior with someone who worked with him, according to Minnesota Public Radio, which has announced it is cutting ties with Keillor and his production company.”

Kriss is out

“Kriss later posted an apology on Medium, writing: “My behaviour was absolutely unacceptable, beneath both me and especially the person involved, and there’s no excuse for it. I’ve apologised privately to her, and I’m apologising, publicly, now.'”



It was all “satire” or not

“We have been pretty rough on our girls. We’d ask our Russian staff to flash their asses or breasts for us. We’d tell them that if they wanted to keep their jobs, they’d have to perform unprotected anal sex with us. Nearly every day, we asked our female staff if they approved of anal sex. That was a fixation of ours. “Can I fuck you in the ass? Huh? I mean, without a rubber? Is that okay?” It was all part of the fun. Fun that Kara was no part of.”

Twenty years ago, in Moscow, Matt Taibbi was a misogynist asshole—and possibly worse


Interview of a lifetime

Charlie Rose too 

Democracy dies in darkness and harassment

“They don’t address the way in which NYT staffers maligned one of the accusers, they don’t explain what their investigation found and most appallingly there is no recognition of the way that Thrush spread sexist gossip about the women he targeted in order to protect himself.”

A bit of Thursh


Leon and the New Republic

“One evening, most of the staff went to a bar after work. The usual lines of banter were soon crossed; the teasing turned darkly sexual. As the night progressed, Leon Wieseltier, the magazine’s intellectual luminary and literary editor, cornered me, alone by the bathroom, and put his mouth on mine.”

“As a senior political writer, I didn’t look to Leon for mentoring. Even so, I wanted to stay in his good graces—not merely because I feared Bad Leon, but because Good Leon could be, yes, incomparably charming, funny, and brilliant. I rationalized that I could handle the rest and that his low-level lechery was simply the cost.”

And Hamilton Fish


No surprises at Vice

“In response, the magazine’s co-founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi admitted they had failed to ‘create a safe and inclusive workplace’ adding that the company had taken action over ‘multiple instances of unacceptable behaviour.’


Problems at Alternet

“Five women journalists have told BuzzFeed News that Hazen sexually harassed them while they worked for AlterNet” Typical pattern, “Several of the journalists emphasized that Hazen’s support for their work was crucial for them early in their careers, as young reporters looking to break into the competitive news industry and make names for themselves at outlets with progressive values.”


Brzezinski and Halperin

Miller said that Brzezinski had previously asked her to be a guest on her show with Halperin and that she had declined. “She did invite me to go on the show with him so she could mediate and it had to be an exclusive,” Miller told CNN. “Basically she wants the ratings and Jerry Springer.”


Just like in the story of The Exile:

The Young Turks: “Uygur said while the trip had been real, much of what was described in the entry had been satirical and exaggerated.”

‘Young Turks’ Founder Cenk Uygur Apologizes for ‘Ugly,’ ‘Insensitive’ Old Blog Posts (Exclusive)

And remember Shavit

Seriously, 92Y – Ari Shavit Should Never Have Been Invited In The First Place

Don’t forget the Miss America emails


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