Actually there is oil in Syria

TASS reports that the Syrian regime is annoyed about Trump’s oil decision to stay in Syria:

“America has been defeated in Syria, so US President Donald Trump’s words sound like another attempt to assert himself,” Deputy Chairman of the Syrian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Ammar al-Assad told the paper. “The Syrian state will soon regain control of all oil fields, perhaps, through a military operation. At the same time, government forces and players present in Syria with Damascus’ consent will ensure stability in the region instead of Kurdish militias and some foreign troops,” he added.

And it details the amount of oil:

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces currently control the country’s 11 largest oil fields. It is a priority for the Assad government to get those back, as Syria is facing a huge fuel crisis. The country’s daily oil requirement stands at 136,000 barrels but infrastructure facilities produce only 24,000 barrels. Iran used to be Syria’s main oil supplier but after sanctions had been tightened, the Iranians had to reduce oil supplies.

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