Hezbollah: Foreign interference behind Lebanon protests

Echoing Iran state media,  Hadi al-Amiri, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Qais Khazali, and other pro-Iran voices, Hezbollah says the protests in Lebanon over the past weeks were due to US and foreign interference.


Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc faction in its periodic meeting stressed that the resignation of Saad al-Hariri in Beirut allows more time for amendments to be wasted.

The statement said: We call on the Bank of Lebanon to take all necessary measures to prevent the financial situation from getting out of control.

Condemning the US intervention in the internal affairs of the regional countries and its policies based on the blackmail of nations, the faction reiterated that US intervention is the main cause of the chaos that is spreading throughout the region in order to dominate national decision-making and their fate.

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