Syria withdrawal, Baghdadi and a momentous October: Seth J. Frantzman looks at the Middle East

The month of October were momentous for the Middle East, with the US withdrawal from Syria, Turkey’s invasion and protests in Iraq. Rising Israel-Iran tensions are also on the map. I wanted to step back and take a look at my work from this wild month. Just back from northern Iraq, I was in Rhodes on October 10-12 for the Rhodes Forum where I interviewed former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and also saw the President of Niger discuss challenges in the Sahel. Then I flew to DC for several days  in the middle of the month to speak about my new book After ISIS and hold meetings about US policies in the region.

Oct 2

ISIS makes Iraq resurgence, The Washington Times

Oct 4

Erdogan vows  to invade northeast Syria (interview on CBN)

Oct. 5

US-Turkey conduct third ‘safe zone’ patrol The Jerusalem Post

Oct 6

Why did Iraq shoot protesters, The Jerusalem Post

Turkey pushes US to let it take over eastern SyriaThe Jerusalem Post

Turkey pushes to re-write international law on ‘safe zone’ demand The Jerusalem Post

Oct. 7

Smoke signals of the next Middle East war: Abqaiq and Israel, Tablet

Attacks on media in IraqThe Jerusalem Post

Trump gives green light to Turkey to displace US partners, The Jerusalem Post

Can Israel trust US after Syria withdrawal, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 8

America’s good intentions in Syria have led to this dismal outcome, National Review

Oct 9

Elbit sells 1,000 mini-drones to southeast Asian country, Defense News

Oct 10

Donald Trump’s shameful Syria withdrawal, Spectator

They fought alongside US to be bombed by NATO ally, The Jerusalem Post

Questions about Turkey’s invasion of Syria, The Jerusalem Post

Election monitors in Tunisia election (interview), The Jerusalem Post

Trump: We took the ‘Beatles’ from Syria, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 12

Crisis Group: ISIS could stage comeback

Oct 13

Turkey’s war in Syria  was not inevitable, Book excerpt, Foreign Policy

Are West and liberal world order in decline?, The Jerusalem Post

Turkish-backed Jihadists murder Hevrin Khalaf and prisoners, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 14

Stand in the Gap, Podcast

Oct 15

ABC Australia interview

US secretly viewed Kurdish partners as ‘terrorists’, The Jerusalem Post

Former EU Parliament Pres Schulz on synagogues under attack, The Jerusalem Post

Six years of work destroyed in six days in Syria, The Jerusalem Post

Kosovo to Khmeimim: Putin’s road to Syria, The Jerusalem Post

Former PM Olmert slams Netanyahu on Iran failures (interview), The Jerusalem Post

The scramble for eastern Syria, The Jerusalem Post

Oct. 16

What’s next for  US policy after Syria, The National Interest

On Chicago’s Morning Answer radio station, The Jerusalem Post

i24 Strictly Security interview

Book talk at Hudson

Book talk at FDD


Oct. 17

BBC interview The Briefing Room, BBC

Oct 18

Don’t let America First become America Last, The Hill

From Iran to Syria: US browbeaten by ‘war’ narrative, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 19

Fake news in era of new journalism, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 20

Refugees call on world to stop Turkish invasion, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 21

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is struggling, The National Interest

Why Turkey got anti-Assad rebels to fight Kurds, The Jerusalem Post

US once stopped ethnic cleansing, now it excuses it, The Jerusalem Post

Obama-era politics overshadows Syria decision, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 22

US policy unravels as ceasefire doesn’t hold in Syria, The Jerusalem Post

US says it has no commitment to 100,000 SDF it trained, The Jerusalem Post

From Operation Inherent resolve to Operation secure the oil, The Jerusalem Post 

Iraq trolls US Syria withdrawal, says troops can’t stay, The Jerusalem Post

Massive naval drill begins in the Gulf, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 23

Speaking at ICT about journalism and war, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 24

Can ISIS Return, Interview with BICOM

Syria marks an end to humanitarian interventions, Daily Beast

US envoy Jeffrey: I wasn’t consulted by Trump, The Jerusalem Post

Confusion, changing goals, arrogance led US Syria policy, The Jerusalem Post

Turkey-backed jihadists in Syria call women ‘whores,’ execute prisoners, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 25

US is consolidating forces in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, Defense Post

US ignores refugees in Syria withdrawal, The Jerusalem Post

Despite setback, Kurds ready for spotlight, The Jerusalem Post

Iran’s long arm sought to kill dissidents in Albania, The Jerusalem Post

US needs SDF to guard ISIS prisoners, The Jerusalem Post

Syrian Kurds and Jews connected through suffering, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 26

Iraq’s take to streets for mass protests, The Jerusalem Post

How NATO empowered Turkey’s Arab proxies to commit abuses, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 27

Iraq’s pro-Iranian politician Amiri blames US, Israel for protests, The Jerusalem Post

Overnight attack that killed Baghdadi raises questions, The Jerusalem Post

Eight takeaways from Baghdadi raid, The Jerusalem Post

Oct 28

On CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN (transcript) (video)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, rapist, led genocidal ‘caliphate’, died in tunnel – obituary, The Jerusalem Post

Baghdadi is dead, what does future hold (interview oN CBN)

Oct 29

By withdrawing from Syria, Trump abdicated global responsibility,  JTA

Unholy massacre in Karbala, The Jerusalem Post

Ahoy! Iran’s navy goes to sea, The Jerusalem Post

Iran’s regime rushes to fill vacuum left by US, The Jerusalem Post

Europe still doing nothing to deal with ISIS prisoners, The Jerusalem Post

Iran’s model: Smash protests in Iraq and Lebanon, The Jerusalem Post

Increasing evidence of Iran’s role in suppressing Iraq’s protests, Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis

Oct 31

Trump may be preparing standoff with Iran in Syria, The National Interest

Protests in Iraq await ‘big Friday’ for change, The Jerusalem Post

Russia sends S-400 to Serbia for drill, The Jerusalem Post

Lost: American foreign policy in the age of Trump (Magazine), The Jerusalem Post

Nov. 1

From Bin Laden to Baghdadi, America’s troubled allies in Pakistan and TurkeyThe Hill

Iraq unrest flares again, National Review

Nov. 2

With help and love: The volunteers helping Syrians (profile of FBR), The Jerusalem Post

Iran tells clerics to say US behind protests, strife, in Iraq and Lebanon, The Jerusalem Post

IRGC chief offers US advice on national security strategy, The Jerusalem Post

UN open to Turkish plan to re-settle Syrians and 300,000 forced out, The Jerusalem Post

Nov 3

Book discussion at Begin-Sadat Center

Nov 4

Why did Turkish intel fail to find Baghdadi, The Jerusalem Post

Iran army spokesman blames Israel for Yemen war, The Jerusalem Post

Volunteer medic killed in Syria, The Jerusalem Post

Protesters burn Iran consulate in Iraq’s Karbala, The Jerusalem Post

What did US know about Turkey’s  invasion plans, The Jerusalem Post

Turkey pro-gov media urges Qatar to ‘weed out’ critical journalists, The Jerusalem Post

How Syria’s rebels are being destroyed in Turkey’s war, The Jerusalem Post

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