From the attack on US bases to the ballistic missile strikes: Seth Frantzman covers the US-Iran crises

In a series of articles I covered the emerging Iran-US crises in late December 2019 and early January 2020. It came after many months of tensions going back tot May 2019. This included not only US sanctions but Iran’s attempts to provoke the US through attacks on ships in the Gulf of Oman, downing a US drone in June and more than a dozen attacks on bases in Iraq where US soldiers are located.

Besides my daily writing at The Jerusalem Post, I also created a timeline at The Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis looking at US-Iran and Israel-Iran tensions. The timeline now extends into 2020.  In November I wrote at The National Interest that one false move byIran or Israel could lead to a wider war.


At National Review I looked at how Iran was waging a “multi-front war” against the US and allies.

Fallout from Iranian sponsored attacks on US bases in Iraq. – The Jerusalem Post

Who isKataib Hezbollah, the group behind the attacks on US bases in Iraq. – The Jerusalem Post

I was mentioned in a piece at Rudaw about Iranian sponsored attacks in Iraq.

January 2

My interview with Fathom Journallooks at my book After ISIS: America, Iran and the Struggle for the Middle East.

Iran is testing US resolve through its attacks on US bases, I noted, on the eve of the US attack on Soleimani and Muhandis I wrote at National Review. 

I spoke to CBN News aboutIranian-backed militias in Iraq.

I looked at Hadi al-Amiri and the Badr Organization in the wake of the embassy protests. – The Jerusalem Post

January 3

At The Daily Beast I looked at how Iran orchestrated the protests at the US embassy in Baghdad and the implications. It turned out the US was executing the Soleimani strike as I submitted the piece.

I was quoted in Arab News about a Turkey-Iran religious deal

January 4

How will ran respond, I examined Iran’s possible choices after the Soleimani killing at National Review. 

I wrote an obit for Soleimani, calling his death the“unthinkable.”

January 5

Killing Soleimani was a gamechanger, I argued at The Spectator. 

How the Kurdistan region is now in middle of US-Iran conflict. – The Jerusalem Post


For more details and background of US-Iran tensions, read my book After ISIS

January 6

Trump has disrupted Iran’s plans, I noted, but may not have stopped Iran’s overall goal to make 2020 the ‘year of Iran,’ in a piece at The Hill.

At The Jerusalem Post I looked at the legacy ofAbu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.

I did an interview on Salem Radio Network and on Steel on Steel radio.

January 8

Iran fired ballistic missiles at the US and I examined what we know about its missile program at New York Daily News.

I looked at the wider ballistic missile program at The National Interest, discussing Iran’s capabilities.

At Fox News I spoke to James Rogers about Iran’s drone threat,is Iran a drone superpower?

I spoke to Israel Kasnett about Iran’s need to climb-down from escalating tensions. The piece at JNS was run at Cleveland Jewish News.

January 9

I looked at Israel’s comments that Syria could become Iran’s “Vietnam” at The National Interest.

January 12

IRGC humiliated after downing Ukrainian plane. – The Jerusalem Post

January 17

Why is Nasrallah suddenly meddling in Iraq? The Jerusalem Post

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