Quarantine diaries: Day 1, things to do in quarantine

Millions of people are now finding themselves at risk of being quarantined due to the coronavirus. Already many tens of thousands are in quarantine or have been subjected to it. At least ten million are being locked down in northern Italy. In Saudi Arabia they have locked down the Qatif region. In Israel tens of thousand are being subject to quarantine. In China the Wuhan region was cut off. Also in other areas people are being asked to self-quarantined.

So this brings to mind some things to do in  the quarantine.


It’s important to know the rules of the quarantine and then to spend days complaining on social media about them. For instance none of the health ministries or relevant authorities in the world have a systematic or logic behind their quarantines. Some of them trapped people on ships. Some were voluntary. Others cordoned off whole towns. Some have threatened people with prison. Some of them used arbitrary dates to determine when people might be asked to self-quarantine or not. At the height of illogic is that in most cases people who are sent to quarantine are put in with other people who are not, which makes little sense if the theory was that the quarantined person was at risk. What about those non-quarantined people with them? It is due to this that most states have not been successful at checking the spread of the virus anyway.

Nevertheless here are some thoughts on what to do when one becomes subject to such regulations:

Start a WhattsApp Group with other Quarantiners

A Whattsapp group can help to network with other people involved in the modern gulag archipelago of quarantines. So far this quarantiner has not been so successful in this endeavor. But why not begin now.

Watch the entire Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series

At least one day can be spent watching the entire J.R.R. Tolkien series.

Start a workout routine

A good quarantine begins with a good health regime. Several sets of push-ups can be a good way to start the day. Other exercises can be built in over time. Still thinking of which these might be.


I bought a Lego set for the kids, but in truth a Lego set or a puzzle can be a good way to pass the time.







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