Live updates and links about vehicle “explosion” in Syria near Lebanon border

Reports on Wednesday at around 13:00 claimed a vehicle had been struck by something in Syria at the Lebanese border. The place is جديدة يابوس 

In English the name is spelled sometimes: Jdaidit Yabws and most English reports emerged at 14:00.

Early reports:

A map;

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.27.47 PM


This would be the fourth of a series of recent alleged airstrikes in Syria; including one on a care on Feb. 27


Reports as they came in


The reports note: “An explosion targets suspected Hezbollah car at the Jdeideh Yabous border between Syria and Lebanon #Syria.”

By 14:18 there were no reports on Al-Mayadeen or Al-Manar.


Reports indicated that the first photos showed a destroyed SUV and the second showed it covered with carpets;


Here is a link to most of the photos


There is no license plate on the vehicle.

Al-Hadath says the strike targeted Hezbollah leaders.

SkyNewsArabia also has a short post about it:



And the accusations begin:


Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.27.47 PM

Conflicting reports about injuries


See initial news reports;


Early photos



See also:


And also some of the earliest discussions of it claiming a surveillance UAV was in the area;

Initial reports had said Al-Haideri which was then corrected;


The crossing is usually known for Syrians crossing to Lebanon


English language tweets: Danny Makki later noted “Update: Still conflicting reports about how this happened, but most suggest that no air-strike/drone was involved. Incident happend literally metres away from the Syria-Lebanon border crossing.”



Who was targeted?

Was it “عماد كريمي “?


The afternoon reports


Reuters picks up the story around 14:30 and from then more media began to circulate accounts of it.

Press TV wrote about it:


Was it a drone strike?


Background: Another car was allegedly blown up in February


There was another strike in Homs on March 5 and on march 31


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