The road to hell in US Middle East Foreign Policy





The decline of western powers and rise of populism: Merkel, Italy, Hungary, Boris, Macron


The rise of Iran, Russia, China and Turkey


A post-American world


Trump’s speech and Bush sr.


Towards the end of the liberal world order and a new era of chaos: Russia in Ukraine, From Syria to Libya, Turkey’s invasions and bombing, the end of western humanitarian intervention.




The US is outsourcing its policy to Turkey


US ambassadors tend to have clientitus


US policy is compartmentalized


US diplomats work against US commanders


The US has a tendency to support dictators and ethnocracies abroad


The US has abandoned any semblance of values and support for democracy or human rights


The US misleads its partners


US lobbies tend to support US enemies and some US diplomats seem to prefer enemies to friends


The Trump administration ran Syria policy for years but saw it as primarily wanting to spite Obama


There seems little desire to increase US influence


The US tends to believe it needs to strengthen dictators and “moderates” and betrays allies to do so


US believes in cliches, such as Sunni vs. Shia or “Iran bad” and “Turkey good”


The US has given up on making peace or forcing ceasefires


The US basically has three lobbies in its MidEast policies, the ran lobby, the Muslm brotherhood lobby and the Israel lobby

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