Moe Greene of ‘Godfather’ CONTROVERSY as “one state solution” comments surface in Vegas

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Moe Greene of The Godfather fame shocked social media over the weekend with newly unearthed comments in which he condemned Israel as “not as interesting as Las Vegas” and appeared to support a “one state solution.” He is the latest celebrity to be in hot water amid growing Liberal Zionist criticism of Israel and concern that the US Jewish community is less interested in Israel than in the past.

Greene, who was born in 1922, was not previously thought to hold controversial views on Israel. However it turns out that newly revealed tapes show that he was also a supporter of binationalism and a so-called “one state solution.” Greene, a well known Jewish property investor who is portrayed in the Godfather as a “mobster” and associate of Hyman Roth, was know for his charitable giving and support for progressive causes. Despite his outward demeanor as an abusive casino owner, a softer Moe Greene can now be revealed from the new tapes.

“I’m not sure about this whole Israel thing,” he says. “Do we need a whole state or one state that can fully express my values of Tikkun Olam.” He argues that much like he built Vegas, he believes Israel could be a thriving country carved out of the desert, but he has concerns about the endless conflict. “Conflict is not good for business. Like I told Michael Corleone, this is a delicate thing we have going here, and I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to run a city in the middle of the kind of thousand-year wars they have in the Middle East.”

Greene has been slammed by pro-Israel organizations as out of touch and ignorant as to the difficulties Israel faces. However friends of Greene point out that he was merely caught off guard on the new tapes and they don’t reflect the full depth of his views. He joins a growing list of those in the US caught up in recent controversies about Israel.

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