List of aid flights arriving in Beirut since August 4 explosion

August 5

Iran Qeshm Fars Air 747

Iran Caspian Air 747

Russia to send three planes (SUM9103), IL-76 with 15 specialists and equipment and 100 other specialists

France sends 55 Search and rescue (SAR) and 25 tons of supplies, three planes (A-400, A-330 etc)

UK Royal Air Force C-130

Turkey to send aircraft

Qatar: Three C-17s landed Beirut

Jordan with a field hospital

Holland: 67 aid workers on C-17

Tunisia: Two airplanes

Poland: with firefighters and field camp


Saudi Arabia teams

UAE: 30 tons of supplies on 747

Cyprus to send aid

China to send aid

Kuwait Airbus A320

Greek military C-130

UK military search and rescue SARAID

Germany 50 SAR team and dogs


Dutch Corendon airlines Boeing 737


Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 7.02.23 PM

August 6

Morocco; Royal Air Maroc 767

Iran cargo Saha Airlines 747
Swiss T-785

Kuwait C-17

Tunisia C-130

NATO SAC C-17A Globemaster

German C-130

Italy C-130.

Tunisia C-130.

Egypt C-130 flight was loaded with aid and landed at night; Egypt aid of some different varieties on C-130, landed Aug 7.

Jordan field hospital

Poland 39 search and rescue



August 7

German Air Force A319

French Air Force C-130

Algeria IL-76

CENTCOM sends C-17 globemaster to aid Lebanon.

Saudi cargo flights, Airbus A330 and Boeing 777

Pakistan C-130

UAE: 40 tonnes of equipment sent

Oman C-130.

Morocco Royal Air Force KC-130

US Boeing C-17

French Airbus A-310


August 8

UAE IL-76 to Beirut on Aug 8

Moroccan air Force C-130 to Beirut

Another Qatari C-17

Kazakhstan Air Force CASA C-295

Kuwait C-17.

Armenia flight to Beirut (second for August 11), 12 tons of aid.

Saudi Boeing 777



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