Seth Frantzman: On the UAE-Israel accord and the Bahrain agreement and the region

I’ve been writing about Israel’s relations and the growing strategic consensus between Israel, Greece and the Gulf over the last years. I have also been covering Iran and Turkey’s role and how it impacts the region. What follows is a list of articles I wrote that led up to and followed the recent Israel agreements with the UAE and Bahrain.

June 10, 2019: The Hill; Bahrain must balance Gulf state sentiments over US plan.

December 24, 2019: Atlantic Council: Israel and Gulf states continue tepid dance

June 14: Five reasons the unprecedented UAE annexation oped matters

July 21: Greek ships on alert as Turkish research vessel to set sail.

August 3: 30 year anniversary of Gulf war

August 6: Cyprus-Egypt agreement

August 9: Who is trying to undermine US in Deir Ezzor.

August 10: France and Cyprus defense deal comes into affect.

August 13 UAE and Israel agree to normalize ties

August 13 Netanyahu tells Greek FM he supports Greece over EastMed tensions. Greek naval vessel collides with Turkish one.

August 14: National Review: A Milestone in Relations between Israel and the Arab World

August 15: Iran, Turkey, Ben Rhodes condemn Israel deal.

Daily Beast: Israel and the Palestinians need a 1.5 state solution

August 16: Five countries that could be next to make peace.

National Interest: Will Trump sell F-35s to UAE.

August 20 Iran says it has new cruise missiles, part of a series of stories where it claimed new radar, new ranges for its Abu Mahdi missile and conducted new drills showing amphibious landings.

August 23 Turkey’s Erdogan hosts Hamas delegation, second in a year.

August 23 Israeli intelligence assessments join military assessments seeing Turkey as threat.

August 24: UAE sends F-16s to Crete for Greek operations.

August 25: US State Dept. condemns Turkey hosting Hamas.

The Spectator: The paradox of Israel peace

National Interest: How the UAE deal became an F-35 domestic political football.

August 26 Pompeo in Bahrain after Sudan and Israel, then on to UAE.

Turkey, Iran and Russia hold talks about Syria, condemn Israel attacks on Syria. Also condemn US oil deal in Syria.

France joins Greek naval drill. Turkey continues sabre-rattling.

Turkey says it intercepted Greek fighters.

US soldiers injured in Syria collision with Russians.

August 30: Iran pleased that US left Camp Taji.

August 30 Bloomberg: UAE deal caps new phase of Israeli peacemaking.

August 31: Kushner flight from Israel lands in UAE.

September 2: Israel airstrikes on T-4 reported. Follows reports on August 3, September 1 and September 11 of strikes.

September 2: US lifts arms embargo on Cyprus after Congressional supportt on December 17, 2019.

September 3: The Hill: Pompeo carves out new US alliance system in Middle East.

Hamas meets Hezbollah after Islamic Jihad Lebanon.

Maron berates reported for mentioning his Hezbollah meeting.

September 5: Trip to UAE by Israel delegation showcases tolerance for Jews.

How Russia outplayed US in Syria.

Turkey and Northern Cyprus begin naval drill.

EastMed tensions and Russia-NATO tensions linked.

September 6: Anti-Israel media pushes rumor of “UAE-Israel spy base on Socotra.”

Hamas and Hezbollah seek joint front against Israel.

Hamas visits refugee camp in Lebanon and then meets Hezbollah chief.

September 7: Sergey Lavrov flies to Syria and Cyprus for meetings.

September 7: Houthi drones target Yemen, allegations of Qatar support.

National Interest: The UAE deal could lead to F-35 alliance in Middle East

September 8: Lavrov Cyprus and Syria trip.

September 9 : Warming Iran-Turkey relations. This hows myth of Sunni-Shia dispute.

September 11: Bahrain agrees to normalize relations with Israel

September 12: Saudi Arabia in spotlight after Bahrain deal.

September 12: Which countries support Bahrain.

Pompeo in Cyprus. Concerned by Turkey and seeks training facility in Larnaca.

September 13: Why Oman’s support for Bahrain is important

Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis appears to return to Turkey.

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