If we negotiated a climate deal the way the “Iran Deal” was negotiated

If the West negotiated a climate change deal the way they do the Iran deal they would go to the meeting with the authoritarians and the authoritarian state would say “if you don’t do a deal we will increase our level of pollution by 20%…” and the western diplomats would go back to their media and hire NGOs to promote the “deal” which they would claim “is the only way to stop the authoritarian state destroying the climate” and then a gang of commentators paid by the authoritarian state would support various NGOs with very prestigious sounding names like The Jefferson Adams Society that argue “without a deal the climate will be destroyed, this is our only chance”….

Every week that the “deal” wasn’t done the authoritarian state would build more coal power plants and dump more garbage into the sea and say “you see, you need to do a deal or we will destroy the planet with CO2 emissions”….and we would be told “this is the only way to get them to fight climate change, we need to pay them to stop polluting”…and our media would all have editorials about how “we must do a deal with the authoritarian regime to save the planet” and claim that if you are against the deal you are “for climate change” and “you’re harming the environment” and the regime leaders of the authoritarian regime would be welcomed on panels in the West and heralded as “helping save the planet” by “doing the deal” even as they increase pollution and spread climate destruction.

Foes of the deal who wonder why a regime that is purposely polluting everything are being rewarded and wonder why the regime can’t just cut its emissions and why it is blackmailing the international community would be caused “climate destroyers” and be accused of being “pro-pollution”…while the regime doing all the polluting would be given awards for “saving the planet”…

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