The religious overtones of the West’s pandemic response

Do you think the pandemic is a form of new religion in the West, particularly in the US. The US has created other new religions and has gone through various awakenings. I posit that the way the US talks about the pandemic is a way to sanctify it and also to raise it to a God-like quality with the various elements of faith and scripture and righteousness and need for heresy and blasphemy and witch hunts. This is because we don’t see the kind of discussions one has in the US major media in other countries or even the kind of behavior. In China, for instance, things are basically normal, with some exceptions because it is a totalitarian regime.But in the US, ostensibly a free country with a history of critical discussion, you don’t see that. You see obsessive commentary and often overt propaganda and the use of terminology to create a kind of religion around elements of the pandemic. Even the discovery of “variants” and the need for constant new terms like “horse paste”….and people putting up filters regarding their status like they wear a religious symbol. They sanctify themselves. After they do their ritual they feel more pure.

They clothe this in public health but the behavior is more like a mass religious awakening.For instance I can’t use certain key terms in this discussion without having the priests come and add a clarification at the bottom. Of interest also is that like the way religion transcends states and governing institutions, we have seen the rapid March of this religion. It began with wanting to save the elderly through certain obligations to the faith. Then it spread to the need for veiling and social norms (“no dancing in closed spaces”)…then it had its worship for necromancers and alchemists and then it had its waves, like a sabbath, it’s lockdowns like a form of blue laws, and then it’s miraculous shift…new obligations to the faith, but also new rules for travel, supplications every week for children so they can do normal activities…Also like faith it always has its answers ready made.

New rules and answers appear internationally without any discussion. Now you will test twice and quarantine and now every day a test but then not… etc….and there is always an immediate why and reason, no real discussion. And even when the faith changed tack it’s always right.Let me elaborate a bit. I’m not saying that the pandemic isn’t real, it is very real. But some countries deal with it and go on about their way of life; but in the US it has been raised via rhetoric and the kind of focus-grouped terminology to something beyond what it is. Also the way things shift from one day caring about the elderly to “stay home” to now needing to test kids all the time while also testing workers who did it take the thing they were supposed to…and the way travel is regulated through endless tests; even when there is no logic to it…when cases and hospitalizations are low../but still some countries obsessively count each case…and the way try to add more and more mandates and things…it’s an endless religious crusade, a calling.I believe that secular western society was open to this after several lost generations were not filled with faith so they were ready for this like the concept of religion where the messiah is the shepherd of the flock, the land is being filled and burned over with messianism. You can see it in how people embraced this whole new terminology, and how every reasonable question is met with indignation and angry denunciation and ready-made “reasons.”

Like if you asked why there are so many “variants” suddenly that get around the “cure” you’re told “all viruses mutate”…except that’s not true with many things like chicken pox…actually what was good for them before doesn’t require endless “boosters”….each time a reasonable question is raised like “why did we mask outdoors and double mask?” There is a quick religious reason….even “follow the science” and “don’t do your own research” has a usual mantra about it…because anyone who looks into the science is accused of doing their own research so they “follow” not science but whatever media tells them every week.Why are we testing kids now when we didn’t last year, why are we testing workers when we didn’t use to? There’s no logic. Why are we waiting 3 days for PCR tests to travel but need the test within 72 hours of travel? No reason.

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