Thoughts on western democracies relying on dictatorships for “supply chains”

We keep seeing stories about supply chain chaos and inflation and how the pandemic, China and the conflict in Ukraine is to blame. For instance I read today that the huge price increases for items used in classic UK Fish and Chips is causing chaos and that there are concerns that many of those UK businesses will close or be forced to raise prices by some 30-50%.

Everywhere we look we hear how these supply chain issues are affecting cars, computer chips for different essential things, and also things like shoes and construction materials, even baby formula.

What we hear is that due to Russia’s actions also there will be more inflation, that this is adding fuel to the fire.

So my observation is that perhaps we should not have outsourced our economy, and made the global economy of powerful democracies (i.e the G7 etc) reliant on Russia and China’s actions. Some will say “but China is so big you can’t avoid it.” I don’t believe that is the case. India is also big and Russia’s economy is actually quite small. So the real story is that some people, experts, whatever you want to call them, the kind of people who went to Davos and the G20 and leading diplomats who go to work for think tanks that work for China, or those former politicians who go to work for authoritarian regimes, to lobby for China-Russia-Iran etc; they pushed for the West and democracies to be dependent on China/Russia.

The goal of these people and the “theories” that guided them was not only being paid lobbyists or appeasers or the classic western diplomat who prefer dictatorships abroad and is wined and dined by dictators…they also “believed” in ideas about globalization and theories from some Ivy League institutions about how the world was becoming inevitably peaceful and that “democracies don’t go to war” and “economic peace”…without needing to mention “world is flat” and “end of history”….the overall point is that these folk believed that if you knit China and Russia, Iran and others, into the global economy then they won’t cause trouble or wars because “they can’t afford it” and “there is more profit in peace than in war”…they will moderate…you can find Youtube videos about this…

The point here is that some of these folk pushed things like the reconciliation in 2009 with Russia…the weird “Iran Deal” and other ideas…they *wanted* the West to be relying on dictators for everything from gas to basic household items…it wasn’t that China was relying on the West and “tamed”…but the West was being tamed…these folk admired the Beijing and Russia top-down system. The goal was to get the West hooked and then the West would need these countries…and this program went beyond just getting hooked to “stuff” but also things like educating the next generation abroad…but not with western values, but their values…and also making sure that the US was funding things like “research” in these places…the idea was also that countries like Iran would “stabilize” the Middle East, even with nuclear weapons…and China would “stabilize” Asia and Russia would “stabilize” Europe…

A lot was done to force the West into the unenviable position it is in now. To be dependent and now have to find out too late how much everything is connected…this isn’t “globalization” and “neo-liberal” and “free markets”…because the market was diverted…it’s not like “made in India” and “made in China” were equal…it’s not like we pushed for Europe to tie into Russian gas and also gas from the EastMed…it was all about NordStream hooking into Russia while we got rid of our gas exploration and legislated away our energy behemoths…so China and Russia can pollute while we don’t…and western leaders even went to work for Russia when out of office…we called “leader of the free world” a German leader in power for two decades who made the West reliant on authoritarian regimes…this was the goal…not a mistake…the goal was to get the authoritarians to run things.

Now we are finding out the hard way that having the authoritarians sitting atop everything and able to raise prices and cut off supplies isn’t a good thing, but from Australia to Germany this is what happened…This was irresponsible statecraft, packaged as “geopolitics” and “realism” and “pragmatisim”…even world religious leaders like the Vatican outsourced the appointment of priests to the authoritarian regime…a far cry from the 1980s when the Pope stood up to Moscow. This was the goal over the last two decades, not just a mistake.

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