Transcript of Haneen Zoabi statement before Israel elections committee


“What really bother you that I am a Palestinian and I want to stay within the Palestinian Knesset as well.” – Haneen Zoabi before the Central Elections Commission, Thursday 12/2/2015

“I Hanin Zoabi member of the National Democratic Alliance Party [Balad], today I represent the joint [Arab] list, which I consider a political achievement for Arab citizens, and a way to rebuild their political strength and national entity. There is something I do not understand is, why the complaints came out strongly and with such tenacity against me for my position on the killing of innocent people, and demolitions, arrests and confiscation of racist laws, are accepted here? Why do not you [those?] stand here on trial, [those who] supported the killing and threatened destruction, and who stole the land, and called for bombing people in Gaza?



[There are] racist laws passed to prevent the son of seeing her mother? And women to live with her husband? The construction of the individual of a home? It [the Knesset/Israel] agrees to the arrest of an angelic daughter fourteen [referring to a 14 year old Palestinian girl detained]? These politicians who did not express any reservations about the killing of Palestinian citizens since October 2000, [why they are not here]?

They apply to prevent me from running, [those who] boasted of ‘killing many Palestinians’, and calls for a day of transfer of Arab [citizens], and to prevent rental of homes to Arabs, and the separation of Arab workers.

The amount of tampering by the Arab MKs, is not less than the amount of racism…In order to struggle, we are fighting a persistent and stubborn political struggle, away from subservience, stuttering and retreat before the bullying and the ugly orgy [of racist laws]. I will not back down from any principled position expressed or activity I’ve done against the occupation and against the siege and against repression. I am proud of my work parliamentary work which obviously it does not matter one iota here.

Proud Palestinian youth who go out to demonstrate in the Galilee and the Triangle and the Negev for their place and status in their homeland, for their rights, without fear of arrests, and investigation and insulted by the police. Proud members of the joint [Arab] list who stand firmly against not only racism. A Proud Party who chose me to represent, the only political vision that rejects all forms of moral superiority or racial superiority.

I do not work in a vacuum, I am part of the struggle and the Palestinian consensus. Arab Knesset members are witness to and are an organic part of the Palestinian people and are suffering daily, we are part of the reality of this people and their suffering, an organic document of struggle for justice and freedom. Thus, the right-wing racists put us on trial and liberals, their work is directed not only against me, not only for myself, but against the political representation for Palestinians within the State. This is a trial of the entire political struggle [of Arabs in Israel].

Mr. Chairman Judge Salim Jubran

Consider the previous attempt to disqualify me in 2013, relied on by my very proud participation, in the Freedom Flotilla [Mavi Marmara], in order to break the siege of two million people in Gaza. At least, I understood at the time the cause of agitation, there was a case, an activity. Today, I really do not understand. The statements I made are unrelated, and in which did I support the armed struggle? In which statement did I support the rejection of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state [which is the criteria for disqualification]?

screenshot from proceedings.

screenshot from proceedings.

I have read carefully what came in the right-wing parties’ requests, and did not really understand the relationship between the scattered and unclear quotations that come out, and the charges against me.

* Only a racist approach patients can prevent the struggle of equality between peoples and citizens. And actually, we admit, we know that the Jewish state [as a concept] cannot be democratic. Know? We live it, and the reality, what is happening now is evidence that the Jewish state is the basis to legitimize racism. What is the problem exactly with saying that? Where is the charge?

* And here come the democrats [Avigdor] Lieberman and [Yariv] Levin, claiming the quotes that I defend the armed struggle. But they practically do not come with any quotation like this, but they come with many quotations that appear that I called for the popular struggle.

* I was calling to activate the international pressure on Israel? That’s right, I’m doing it, and I believe in this, and so I call on the platforms of the Knesset, and this is necessary in the face of Israeli governments’ actions.

* What else did I say? Phrase ‘they are not terrorists’? Do you not listen to what we say? I have said I am against the kidnapping. But I have to ask here: Did a notice of sitting here delisting [me from running] requests that providers themselves, who [advocate] transfer the entire people, is that not a form of terror? [Referring to the Israel Beitnu slogan ‘Umm al Fahm to Palestine’]

So what exactly are they angry at my behavior?

I did not kill or bomb? I did not give orders to kill and did not support it…I believe that the reason for all this noise is due to the lack of the rightists controlling the decision of the Supreme Court, which refused overwhelmingly last time to disqualify me.

I have all the democratic and humanitarian reasons for my outcry about Gaza: it is claimed that about more than 2,000 people have been killed in Gaza is Israeli self-defense, but it has no place in any Parliament to condemn the killing of hundreds of children in the Gaza Strip and that to do so is to be a supporter of terrorism? But it does not condemn the killing of 13 Arab citizens in October 2000, nor condemns killing of Arabs by police with the full support of the government.

I suggest that we put aside this demand, and I will tell you what really bothers you: it bother you that I am a Palestinian and I want to stay as a Palestinian within the Knesset as well. I bother because I behave as a Palestinian, I feel that I am a Palestinian, and I was fighting as a Palestinian, based on the principle of equal citizenship. So what is in front of us is a file that corresponded revolves around the following question: Can I as a citizen in this country to be struggling with the Palestinian people against the occupation and can I demand equal citizenship as well?

2 responses to “Transcript of Haneen Zoabi statement before Israel elections committee

  1. Yawn. Its not Palestine lady. Its Israel. The fact that you call it Palestine is why you should be banned. It proves you will never accept Israel and peace. You want Israel destroyed and Jews returned to Dhimmitufe, exiled, or killed. Your goal is Palestine from river to sea and no Jews allowed.

    I totally support your right to oppose the existence of Israel as long as you do it from outside Irael and do not try to wage war or terror on us. But not as a member of the government of the nation you are trying to destroy. Then if you attack Israeli, I expect you to also understand when an Israeli soldier kills you if you attempt to wage war on us

    You should serve in the government of Hamas or the PA. But you will cling and claw and whine and plead and lawyer up and demand to be here until we are forced to physically remove you from the building. You want us to allow you to destroy what we built and do it from our house. So let me tell you this, DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SUICIDE PACT AND YOU NEED TO GO.

    The reasons you wish to remain here are quite obvious. One only needs to look at the teenagers who are sent to blow themselves up on the orders of old, rich men who live in splendor on their stolen millions from foreign intended for their own people. The fearless Falestinian leaders have never and will never put the suicide belt around their own waists,

    You would rather attack Jews from the safety of the Knesset than risk taking up arms and dying for your cause. You are a coward with a big mouth and bodyguards and I would not be surprised if most of the people who protect and preserve you safety as a highly despised 5th columnist in the Knesset are Jews.

    And , of course, we also know that from Gaza or Ramallah, you will quickly be pushed to the side as a Muslim woman and will be silenced. Name one woman in the PA or Hamas who is permitted to be a leader.

    But here in Israel as a member of the Knesset, the more hostile, offensive and abusive your words become, the more attention you get. You have a valuable bully pulpit as an Arab member of the Knesset, and you realize you will never have that anywhere else. So you will fight to your last breath to stay here and insult Jews, while Arab children blow themselves up in your place.


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