NYT still shielding Obama by claiming “racism”

In a recent editorial the New York Times claimed that if we critique Obama “race plays a role.” In the opposite, race has played a role in keeping this President adored and coddled all the time, shielding him from deserved critique. If he were considered white (rather than half-black or “biracial”), does anyone think for a minute that he would be subjected to LESS criticism? Would he have got a Nobel Peace Prize? Would this endless coddling of every dictator, from the King of Saudi Arabia, to Castro, Putin and the Ayatollahs be so easily ignored?

Be honest. Imagine Obama as white, and tell me that he would have had the same presidency?

I could personally care less about Obama, he is a mediocre President, who has gotten worse and more ineffectual over time. His confident and inspiring message, which I tend to agree with, when he came to office was good for America. As a symbol he was good for America. But as a leader and official and administrator, he is not good. He is a C-. George Bush was a “gentleman C” student, but Obama, despite being an A student apparently, is a C- leader.

When he was elected he received across the board adoration, akin to a religious messianic appeal, he received ridiculous coddling; less critique early on. An ineffectual “community organizer” (i.e he never had much of a real job) he was catapulted to become a US Senator, was equally ineffectual and then elected President…at which job he has been ineffectual except for the Obamacare reform which has been a semi-disaster (with good intentions though).

So give us a break. When he was running for President the likes of Paul Kurgman almost ordered us to vote for him because of his race, and so did many other commentators; we were “racist” if we dared not buy into the nonsense. I’m not a racist. I don’t care about Obama. I won’t vote for a half-black person just because of his race. Give me a candidate, irrespective of his race, who can accomplish something, and he’ll get my vote. Don’t tell me that just cause a guy went to a good school and has an “inspiring life story”…I have to vote for him…or I’m a bad “racist.”

And now, after almost 7 years of this nonsense…the “you’re a racist lobby” is still flexing its muscles. And it’s getting old; it’s a shield for the President, a little “you’re a racist” shield. Some people are racists of course, they hate him for conscious and sub-conscious reasons and call him “traitor” and other things. Those people probably are racists.

But there are many people who dare ask questions of this President…and this ridiculous shield should not always be an excuse.

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