OMG BDS!!! How this bogeyman swept Israel politics

BDS is everywhere.  The Israeli government is debating ways to stop it.  US donor Sheldon Adelson hosted a meeting about combatting BDS with rumors that he will increase funding on campuses towards this end.  Israel’s largest print daily Yediot is doing a series of features about the BDS threat.  One discussed the call by the CEO of Orange, a cell phone provider, to pull out of Israel operations, another highlighted Stand With Us, a pro-Israel organization.  Ben Dror Yemini, commentator claimed BDS threatens the free world and that combatting it is what Churchill would have done. They also highlighted the efforts of the foreign ministry.



US States are being asked to also take action against Israel boycotts, with South Carolina being the first to bar public entities from contracting with those who boycott Israel.

One of those struggling against BDS notes, “Thousands of young people are now employed on campuses around the world, well financed and well organized, in an unprecedented effort that challenges the very legitimacy of Israel on every possible academic and economic front. They call their new movement: BDS – Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Over the next few days, Mr. Sheldon Adelson and Mr. Haim Saban have called an emergency meeting of organizations concerned about BDS to answer two questions.”  The questions?  Who funds it and “how can it be stopped?”

It used to be that BDS was primarily the name given to the campus based amateurish anti-Israel movement of young activists. BDS was something “cool” and the in thing in some circles.  Some of the organizations supporting it were Jewish.  The main qualm between many of the groups was whether the movement wanted to dismantle Israel or just remove it from the West Bank.  Even Normal Finkelstein was dismayed by the movement’s inability to explain its goals and its cult-like status.

There are 2,474 four-year college campuses in the US. The ADL claimed “it had recorded 520 anti-Israel events on campuses during the 2014-2015 year.” The same report claims there were 29 BDS campaigns in the US. So 1/5 of US campuses might have had ONE anti-Israel event…that’s it. That’s the “threat” to Israel on campuses. That’s the “wave” of “anti-semitism” that is “sweeping the campuses.” The “hostile” environment. So basically like 4/5 of students won’t even be on a campus where there is ever an event against Israel. And the 1/5 who are…they might be lucky to even witness such an event. There are more than 50,000 cases of Alcohol poisoning on US campuses every year. So you are more likely to be poisoned by alcohol during binge drinking probably than see an anti-Israel rally…How many campuses had a “free tibet” rally? We’ll never know, because no one counts those…

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