The Great Israel Society Quiz


1.  Palestinians in the West Bank deserve

A. Voting rights in a Palestinian state

B. Voting rights in Israel.

C. No voting rights, but can live under forms of autonomy forever.

D. No rights.

2. The Gaza blockade should be

A. Lifted immediately.

B. Lifted soon when peace breaks out.

C. Lifted if Hamas is toppled.

D. Never lifted.

3. Security detainees in Israel should

A. Be questioned with a lawyer present and with videotaping of the interrogation.

B. Be questioned and sometimes have a lawyer present.

C. Be questioned without lawyers or video.

D. Tortured until they confess.

4. Asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in Israel should

A. Receive citizenship.

B. Receive refugee and asylum status.

C. Be left in Israel in legal limbo until their countries become safe.

D. Be deported tomorrow.

5.  Bedouin in the Negev deserve

A. Rights to a million dunams of land, as well as providing other people rights to purchase land in the Negev.

B. Indigenous rights to 800,000 dunams and be turned into aboriginals like in Australia.

C. Be left in a state of legal limbo and put into the Prawer plan.

D. Have their houses bulldozed and be moved off the lands they illegally settled.

6. Jewish residents of the West Bank should

A. Have full Israeli law applied to them and some of them should be removed to make way for a Palestinian state.

B. Some of them should be removed but there won’t be a Palestinian state.

C. Should be annexed to Israel.

D. Should continue to conquer the rest of the West Bank and settle the Land.

7. Conscription to the IDF (Israeli army) should

A. Be cancelled and the army should become professional.

B. Should be enforced but not for Arabs

C. Haredim should be conscripted and Arabs put into some kind of national service voluntarily.

D. Everyone should be in the army and service should be extended for 5 years or indefinitely.

8. Acceptance committees are:

A. A blight on the state and should all be made illegal immediately and communities should be integrated.

B. Should be preserved for Kibbutzim but not otherwise.

C. Are a wonderful way to keep out undesirable elements and let communities choose like-minded individuals.

D. Are one of the greatest innovations ever, but should be reserved for Ashkenazi communities only.

9. Segregated Arab and Jewish school systems in Israel.

A. Should be de-segregated.

B. Are a necessary way to cater to the cultural needs of the different groups

C. Need to be enforced so that Arabs do not mix with Jews.

D. Are great, why is this even a question?

10. How to solve the housing crises in Israel?

A. Open up the land to a free market of private development and let whoever wants land buy it.

B. More Jewish housing should be constructed in the periphery and rent controls can be put in place to make the cities affordable.

C. The existing system of planning is great, it just needs a few more development towns.

D. Build more Jewish communities in the West Bank and remove the Arabs in Israel from the illegal construction they have built.

11. Are things too expensive in Israel?

A. Yes, and taxes and trade tariffs should be reduced as much as possible.  Let local businesses fail if need be.

B. Yes, but we can’t move to quickly, we need to preserve the existing order.

C. No, we need high prices to make Zionism work.

D. No, people should not complain and accept it as it is.

12. Zionism is

A. A movement that succeeded, made lots of mistakes and the state doesn’t need it to underpin everything now.

B. What I am, but I’m tired of those settlers and religious people ruining it.

C. A living movement and we need more Zionism.

D. If you’re not a Zionist, you’re not one of us.

13. Haredim, Arabs, Mizrahim, Ashkenazim?

A. Individuals first, and an important part of the diversity of the group of citizens. The concept of Ashkenazi and Mizrahi is largely imagined.

B. Haredeim are a demographic threat, we don’t want too many Arabs in parliament, hence the need to get rid of the West Bank. Mizrahim, they can live in their development towns, but they shout too much to live in my area.  Ashkenazim are a superior culture.

C. Haredim threaten religious Zionism, Arabs are a threat, Mizrahim are fine so long as they go to the army. Ashkenazim are ok so long as they are not of the radical lefty variety.

D. Except for the Arabs the others are Jewish.

14. Liberal Zionism is?

A. A contradiction in terms.

B. A beautiful movement that asks us to do tikkun olam and be a light unto the nations.

C. Well, at least it is Zionism.

D. A threat to Israel.

Fill in the blank...

Fill in the blank…

One response to “The Great Israel Society Quiz

  1. Is this an actual quiz, or satire? The lack of a way to interpret answers makes me think it’s the latter, but I really can’t tell.

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