Thoughts to ponder on our modern world

The more tolerance, the more intolerance
The more freedom, the less patriotism
The more inclusiveness, the more exclusive
The less freedom, the more nationalism
The more equality, the more slavery
The more free speech, the more self-hate
The more egalitarian, the more socialists
The more wealth, the more communists
The more mass murder, the less incarceration
The less religion, the more terrorism
The more narratives, the more dogmatism
The more relativism, the more moral certitude
The more strip clubs, the more burkas
The more art, the more refugees
The more criticism, the less truth
The more totalitarianism, the more adoration
The more welfare, the more poverty
The more vacations, the more conscientious objection
The more complaining, the less responsibility
The more diversity, the more apartheid
The more multiculturalism, the more monoculture
The more prostitution, the less chauvinism

The more laws the more lawlessness

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