Thoughts on Hijab-sporty Barbie


It’s great that Barbie has finally received a modest religious look and is being judged for her athletic ability and not just her looks. Part of a process of change at the company that has brought more role models and diversity over the years.
I just wonder why it is that when I was a kid we didn’t have any roll model modest choices, it was all about the more nude people were the better, as if nakedness was a stand-in for being “empowered.” Of course if you dared to suggest years ago that perhaps always selling sex to people was not great then you were a disgusting, conservative, evil, chauvinist, misogynist, religious fundamentalist, hillbilly, woman hater.
One of the positive things about having a new religious awakening in the West is that we will finally get more modest choices throughout society. And what’s even more amazing is that they will come in the form of popular culture and progressive culture and so they will be embraced by the mainstream. For my generation, forced to suffer through Paris Hilton and Kardashians, it is too late though. We were already subjected to Clockwork Orange-like mandated visual indoctrination…but future generations may finally get more choices as to roll models and such things.
In a roundabout way, we may be saved from the extreme banality of over-indulgent secularism…

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