Berlin: 8 detained in alleged anti-semitic attack


Welt reports that eight were arrested in Berlin for an Anti-semitic attack. The report on July 8 notes: “Eight men were arrested in Berlin after an anti-Semitic attack. They are said to have beaten a Jewish man because he wore a jewel in the shape of a star of David on his necklace.” The victim is said to be of Syrian origin.

The attack took place at the James Simon park in central Berlin. In the early hours of Sunday police detained “eight men of Syrian origin.” According to the story the victim asked the men for a light for a cigarette. He was then set upon because of his Star of David necklace. “The man was beaten, he suffered lacerations that were treated on an outpatient basis” at the hospital. “A spokesman for the Berlin police confirmed the case as well as investigation of those responsible.”

Full details are not clear. Berliner Zeitung: “A spokesman for the [police] operations center could not confirm the incident on Saturday night and referred to the press office. A spokesman for the Berlin police had the sheet confirmed the process and corresponding investigations.”

RTL points out it is one of several recent incidents. “It is not the first anti-Semitic attack in the capital lately. At the German-American John F. Kennedy School a Jewish student was said to have been harassed and insulted because of his religious affiliation. The brutal attack of a Syrian on a kippah-bearing Israeli also caused a sensation. The 19-year-old had hit the 21-year-old student on the street. He was sentenced to four weeks’ imprisonment by the district court of Tiergarten and placed under parental supervision for a year.” The Juedische Allgemeine adds ” the 25-year-old victim has been punched several times in the face and was beaten and kicked by the group after a failed escape attempt on the ground.” It also notes that “The police reportedly arrested three women aged 15 and 21 and seven men between the ages of 17 and 25 and took them to a detention center. They were released on Saturday night.”

It also notes that there have been several recent incidents of antisemitism, including one in May at the Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin, and another in December 2017 where a Jewish restaurant owner was “verbally abused.”

There was also the murder of 14-year-old Susanna Feldman which police said was not anti-semitic. Germany has sought to raise awareness about anti-semitism through a new law and after the man wearing the kippah was assaulted there was widespread outcry and protest marches.

Israeli media has followed the German reports but without adding anything new so far.


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