Why did Trump decide to leave eastern Syria? Seth Frantzman’s podcast discussing thee withdrawal

In a new podcast posted on youtube I discuss US President Donald Trump’s momentous decision to withdraw from Syria.

It touches on the following points.

  • Challenges for the region?
  • Is this another “mission accomplished” moment against ISIS, despite the war not being over?
  • The US campaign in Syria was a success of the ‘by, with and through’ doctrine.
  • Some always supported working with Turkey or the Syrian rebels instead of the YPG, but the US got involved in eastern Syria to stop the ISIS genocide
  • How the US sought to distance itself from direct YPG connections
  • What happened to the stabilization and Iran leverage concept
  • Was this a transactional and temporary relationship?
  • Is this a betrayal of US partners?
  • Did Russia win?
  • America had too many missions in eastern Syria
  • This shows how parts of the US government didn’t have a unified mission

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