This is what happens when you Google Translate an 8,000 word Farsi article on Zarif into English

Zarif’s visit to Syria and Turkey in mid-April 2019 is in the context of continuous regular consultations and meetings between our country’s authorities and the Syrian and Turkish authorities, according to the Tasnsim news agency’s dispatch from Damascus and Ankara.

It comes after Zarif resigned in late February after not being informed about the visit of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Tehran. He subsequently remained at his post. There has been a shakeup at the top of the IRGC recently as well and Zarif appears cemented in his position. In late April he went to the US and appeared on Fox News. He has been trying to push a narrative the claims US allies, primarily Israel, is pushing the is pushing the US into conflict with Iran. He wants to influence US domestic politics. 

An 8,000 word article on his trip to Syria and Turkey sheds some light on Iran’s goals. So I put it into Google Translate and here is what came out:

* Reza Mehri, a Tunisian expedition correspondent to Syria and Turkey

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Zarif’s tweets about his trip.

The goals of Dr. Zarif’s travel to Syria and Turkey

Consultations and talks with senior Syrian and Turkish officials on the main issues in bilateral relations, including follow up of high level officials’ positions and coordinating positions on the most important regional and international issues, aimed at helping deepen and consolidate regional peace and stability, among other goals of the Minister’s visit Our foreign country was in Damascus and Ankara

The head of the diplomacy system in our country arrived in Damascus in the first step of his regional visit on Tuesday afternoon and was welcomed by Faisal al-Maqdad, Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria

In my arrival at the Damascus airport, the Foreign Minister told reporters that he had traveled to Syria to coordinate regional and international issues as well as the implementation of agreements between presidents of the two countries, and we will travel to Turkey for these purposes. Had

In light of the developments in the region, especially the US hostile policies that have emerged since the successive defeats and political defeats of the United States and the Zionist regime in the region and around the world, in particular the illegal actions of Mr. Tramp at the announcement of the admission, The illegal annexation of the Golan Heights to the Zionist regime, or the declaration of the Qods Sharif’s capital [Jerusalem], and after that very foolish, unlawful and unprecedented action by the Americans, calls for the IRGC as a terrorist group to be declared necessary to coordinate all efforts in the region to pursue field triumphs. The policies of the regional countries, as well as the design to advance the dialogue in Syria in order to reach a political solution after field triumphs. In this regard, the trip is designed in the field of international relations, and after this we will also have a trip to Turkey

Zarif also added: “Dialogues between the two high-ranking Iranian and Syrian authorities have also been set up for bilateral cooperation, including economic cooperation and other areas of cooperation between us and Syria that need to be pursued today.” Both the meeting with Mr. Bashar al-Assad and the meeting with the Prime Minister and the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and other Syrian authorities will examine this spectrum of different debates by

One of the members of the delegation at the time of the presence of our foreign minister in the light shrine of Aqil Bani Hasham had given a special spiritual atmosphere to this place and the attendants and adherents, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hasouhal-e-Parvaneh, during the presence of the attention of the adherents and pilgrims of the holy shrine , Showed that one of the most important means of success is to fight the problems and challenges, believe and believe in God’s heart and spiritual and spiritual relationship with the anxiety of infallibility and purity (AS), and this spiritual spirituality and spirituality can certainly be better in material and world affairs He advanced the life, spiritual and spiritual connection of the Holy Prophet and his movements On the path to the infallibility of infallibility and purity (a) and resorting to the holy feasts, there can be a double energy and a high spiritual spirit to our senior officials to advance the principled and indispensable policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the regional and international arena, and challenge the enemies of bullying and defense of interests. National and principles of our country, this essential and privileged characterist

Zarif, after the end of the pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Hazrat Zaynab (S) in the courtyard of this holy place, spoke about his goals for traveling to Syria, and emphasized that during this visit, he discussed ways to expand economic relations, security issues, regional and international developments, and Also, the stupid policies and decisions of the US President Donald Tramp of recognizing the Zionist regime’s rule over the occupation of the occupied territories and placing the Revolutionary Guards in the terrorist list while the IRGC is a legal entity of an independent state, as well as bilateral issues with the Syrian authorities, including the president President Bashar al-Assad will discuss and debate

Zarif went to Al-Shaab Palace on the mountain slopes at the first stage of his visit to Syria and met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, there were no correspondents and photographers except for the Syrian presidential photographer. Asad Hagarmi welcomed Dr. Zarif, and even after the end of the visit, he urged him to confirm the importance of the visi

The various dimensions of bilateral relations, the most important regional issues, the latest developments in the threshold initiative and the political process of solving the crisis in Syria, the follow-up of the first vice-chairmanship of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria were the main axes of the discussions between Dr. Zarif and Bashar al-Assad 

What did Assad say to Zarif?

Bashar al-Assad, after noon to Zarif and the accompanying delegation at the beginning of his speech, condemned the American hostile action against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in listing its name on the so-called “terrorist” list of the United States and, with an irresponsible reading of this action, insisted that such an action would complement the wrong policies. Which the United States has taken and can be considered one of the main instability factors in the region.

The Syrian President also expressed his condolences and condolences to the Iranian people and the families of the flood victims in some of the provinces of Iran.

Dr. Zarif also condemned the recent decision of the US government about the occupation of the Syrian Golan, and recognition of the Zionist regime’s status, and emphasized that this decision can not be separated from the other two decisions of the United States regarding the Occupation Quds and the Revolutionary Guards, all of which Based on the failure of Washington’s policies in the region and the weakness of the US government.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on the latest developments in the region, as Bashar Assad argued that gripping and adhering to the principles and positions of the nation and prioritizing the interests of the nation would only guarantee the protection of each country and preserve unity and solidarity. Against any outside conspiracy that may target it.

According to the official Syrian news agency (SANA) from Zarif and Assad’s visit, the Foreign Minister of Iran stressed that these changes will require the strengthening of coordination between the two sides at all levels of the region and international in the interests of the two countries and contribute to strengthening security. And stability is emphasized throughout the region.

Both Assad and Zarif insisted that the policies of the United States and some Western countries would never stop Iran and Syria and their allies from continuing to defend the rights of their nations and their interests

President Asad and Dr. Zarif also pointed out that the Western parties, and above all, the United States should, instead of resorting to flames of fire in wars and economic terrorism, which is against any party who does not agree with its views on the issues in our region, To pursue diplomacy.

The meeting also focused on the forthcoming negotiations on the threshold, and the importance of a permanent relationship between Damascus and Tehran in order to continuously coordinate the positions of the two countries on issues raised in line with the Syrian national interests and in line with the persistence and sacrifice of the Syrian people over the past years. Was emphasized.

In the talks, Dawa and Assad also referred to the signed agreements between Iran and Syria, and joint plans and implementation phases, as well as progressive difficulties, as well as the strengthening and enhancement of future cooperation.

Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu’lem and the Syrian prime minister along with Bethina Shaaban, Political and Information Advisor to Bashar al-Assad and a number of other Syrian officials, were present.

Meet the Syrian counterpart in the second step of the mission

Secretary of State Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif continued to travel to Syria with his Syrian counterpart, Walid Muhammad, and discussed the most important issues in bilateral relations, regional and global developments, including developments in North Africa.

Dr. Zarif thanked the guests of the Syrian people and government, saying: “We are glad to realize this victory over terrorism and save the region from this great danger beside the Syrian people and Iraq and the people of the region.”

He said: “I am glad that I am here the day before the Syrian National Day, and congratulate you and the Syrian people and the government

Zarif emphasized the need for the withdrawal of all terrorists from Syria and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, emphasizing that the resistance of the Syrian government and the people against the threat of terrorism saved the region from a great danger and conspiracy.

Syria’s Foreign Minister, referring to the cooperation between the two countries in recent years, stated: “These cooperation have led to the collapse of large conspiracies, and it is necessary for these cooperation to be continued and deepened.”

“We are in a front and trench,” the foreign minister said.

Dr. Zarif’s time in traveling to Syria

The Syrian Foreign Minister described the visit of Dr. Zarif to his country at a time and place.

Waleed al-Mualm, in a conversation with the Sunnis missionary correspondent, argued that we were very happy with the visit of our dear brother Zarif to Damascus, which was actually done at the right time, during which issues and issues were deepened and expanded. .

Foreign Minister al-Moallem also met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said a meeting with President Bashar Assad subtle doctor “constructive and fruitful”, respectively.

“I am always ready to travel to Iran,” said the foreign minister of Syria about his trip to Iran.

Syria’s victory over terrorism is due to Iran’s support

ولید المعلم وزیر خارجه سوریه در گفت‌وگو با خبرنگار اعزامی تسنیم به دمشق تصریح کرد پیروزی سوریه بر تروریسم در حقیقت، پیروزی مشترک مردم ما و ملت برادر ایران بود و ما همواره به پیروزی‌های بیشتر چشم دوخته‌ایم.

The Syrian authorities emphasized the positive results of subtle meetings and alignment of Tehran-Damascus views

In an interview with Al-Mikdad Tasnim mission to Damascus, elegant doctor’s visit and meetings with senior Syrian officials described as important and fruitful.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, the visit of the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the country and important meetings with the President and other Syrian authorities, have shown the convergence of the two countries’ views on the challenges and threats that threaten the region.

Al-Matqadd noted: The trip was very successful and important meetings were held between Dr. Zarif and President Bashar al-Assad, as well as the head of the House of Representatives in Syria, which showed the convergence and consistency of the two sides’ views on the developments in the region, especially in Particularly integrating the positions of the two countries against the challenges that the US government has taken with its stupid and unwise decisions to sanction the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and put its name on the terrorist list, as well as support for Israel to annex the Occupied Gulag and the occupied Jerusalem.

He added that in these meetings, discussions were held on the upcoming Astana Summit in Nussultan on co-ordination and close co-operation to complete the achievements that we realized.

Subtle positive evaluation of talks with Bashar al-Assad; Iran’s determination to expand cooperation with Syria

The foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran evaluated the results of his talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad positively.

We discussed both regional issues and the way the talks continued in the framework of the threshold process, as well as bilateral cooperation between Iran and Syria. We have always been with the Syrian people and we will continue to work with the people and the Syrian government to improve the economic conditions here (Syria) as well as in Iran. In fact, I think we are able to work together to improve the living conditions of the two countries. We also need to work together on a variety of international issues, including on the threshold of the process. We discussed the next steps regarding Syria’s political situation and political solutions in Syria.

Iran’s determination to improve the conditions of the Syrian people

Dr. Zarif also emphasized that I also had excellent talks with my colleague, Wali Al-Maalem, the Syrian Foreign Minister. We spoke about how to continue the political process (to solve the Syrian crisis) and what should happen in the framework of the threshold process in the Syrian constitutional committee. I look forward to working with both the Syrian government and our other colleagues in Russia and Turkey, along with us in the Astana Group, as well as with other countries, to improve the situation of the Syrian people and restore peace and stability to the region.

Iran pioneered efforts to help bring peace and security to the region

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran noted that we had very good talks on our economic cooperation. Good decisions have been made in the two countries for [expansion] of bilateral cooperation between the private sector and the public sector of the two countries in the economic sphere. In the case of transit between Iran, Iraq and Syria, good discussions were held on the visit of Dr. Rouhani to Iraq and the visit of Mr. Adil Abdul Mahdi to Iran. We hope that these measures will contribute to the peace and security of the region and to the interests of the people of the region, especially the people of Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Iran’s emphasis on the need to return Idlib to Syria

Our country’s foreign minister also said about the situation in Idlib: “We have a serious concern about the situation in Idlib, and certainly both we and Turkey and Russia are obliged to fulfill the obligations imposed on him, and one of the most important is the disarming of terrorist groups and removing them from Idlib. To run. The al-Nusra terrorist group is a serious threat to the people of Idlib and the people around them, especially the Arabs, and all of us in the Astana Group are duty-bound to work hard on this matter, and I will certainly talk about this in traveling to Turkey.

The second spiritual program in Syria

After completing his visit to Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu’alem, Dr. Zarif visited the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) during the holy shrine of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Zarif sat for a moment with the holy shrine of Hazrat Roghaieh (sa) and read the pilgrimage. At that time, one of the journalists of the media delegation accompanied Dr. Zarif cited the tragedy of Hazrat Roghaye (S), a space of sorrow and grief in this holy place Arose

In the following, Dr. Zarif welcomed and embraced openly and openly the Syrian citizens who wanted to allow him to take photos of him. The Syrians expressed their satisfaction with the fact that the Foreign Minister of the country met with him openly and openly with them and they could stand beside him and take photos of them without any hindrance from doing so


Syrian citizens appreciated the continued support of the Islamic Republic of Iran from their country in the full-fledged war with the Takfiri terrorism supported by hundreds of countries worldwide, they were pleased to see Dr. Zarif and his good behavior.

The third round of delicate talks; Meet the Syrian prime minister

Zarif continued to meet with senior Syrian officials in the country’s prime ministry, and met with Syria’s Prime Minister Imad Khamis, in which the two sides spoke on regional developments and bilateral relations.

In this meeting, the Syrian Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to Dr. Zarif for the support of the Iranian government and people from Syria and expressed his disappointment with the families of the victims of the recent flood events in our country. Emad Khamees, adding that Zarif’s journey to Syria was important, added: “International developments have made it necessary to strengthen relations between the two countries because we are on the same front; the two countries in all areas should deserve sacrifices in the past years. Relations between Iran and Syria; President Assad has urged all elements of the government to use all their capabilities to develop relations with Iran, emphasizing the priority of Iranian companies in participating in the reconstruction of Syria



Need for Institutionalization of the Achievements in the Battle Against Terrorism

Dr. Mohammad Jawad Zarif told the Syrian prime minister: “Relations with Syria are very important to us, and we believe in it, and we always say at international level that the people of the world are lenders to the resistance of the Syrian government and people against ISIL and other terrorist groups.” And we are glad to be along with you in this way, and this will be recorded in the history of relations between the two countries; it is our duty today to institutionalize the achievements that have been made of the blood of the martyrs of resistance in dealing with terrorist groups in Syria.

Official Syria news agency (SANA) on the visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister and the Syrian prime minister stated that Iran and Syria’s cooperation in the fields of economy, investment, tourism, culture, infrastructure and the importance of continuous coordination between the two countries was attended by Dr. Zarif and Emad Khamis. Considering the cruel sanctions of the Westerners against the nations of Iran and Syria, it was discussed.

The media said Mr. Khamis’s said the current stage of regional and international calls for the two countries’ bilateral relations in the economic field in order to implement the will of the leaders of the two countries to advance and expand the Syrian government in this map Has developed a mechanism for implementing agreements and understandings signed between Iran and Syria.

بر اساس گزارش سانا، دکتر ظریف خاطر نشان کرد دولت ایران به طور مستقیم، روند تقویت روابط اقتصادی و سرمایه‌گذاری میان دو کشور را که منافع و سود مشترکی برای دو طرف دارد، دنبال می‌کند.

The remarkable thing about traveling doctor elegant Syria and Turkey, warmly welcomed by senior officials of the countries of the foreign minister of the country so that senior Syrian and Turkish, when the elegant to the country, he embraced to the depth of relations and strategic Bilateral relations between friends and brothers are to be emphasized.

The achievements of traveling to Syria from the perspective of Dr. Zarif

“We had very good meetings in Damascus, especially with the visit of Mr. Bashar al-Assad,” said Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif, speaking on his achievements in Syria. The meeting included issues such as the threshold process, bilateral cooperation, the results of his visit to Tehran, and the visit of Dr. Jahangiri to Syria, and how the operations of the agreements reached on these trips, the forthcoming sessions of the threshold process, as well as the United Nations framework for finding a political solution Good coordination was made with Syria. We had very good talks about East Frat and Idlib, both of which had a worrying situation, as well as the need to withdraw foreign forces and end the presence of terrorists in Syria. ”

The arrival of the active Persian diplomacy train to Ankara at the second station

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, after one day of intensive meetings and consultations with senior officials of Syria and his positive assessment of the talks, went to Ankara to pursue his consultations with senior Turkish officials.

Dr. Zarif came to Ankara International Airport on Tuesday evening, April 27, and was welcomed by Turkish authories.

Goals to travel to Turkey; second delicate trip within 30 days

“We will discuss bilateral issues and economic and political cooperation between the two countries, as well as the task of keeping track of the decisions taken at the meetings of the High Commissioner for Mutual Relations,” the foreign minister said at the arrival of Turkish airmen in the journalists’ meeting about the goals of the visit. Iran and Turkey are taken at the level of presidents, they are the foreign ministers of the two countries, and so they will be discussing these decisions on the trip. ”

The foreign minister announced the talks on Syria and the situation in Idlib, along with consultations on bilateral relations and ways to expand it, including talks with Turkish officials.

“In any case, we are interested in solving the problems of Syria through dialogue, in particular, the dialogue between the countries of the region,” the foreign minister said in response to the question of what is the relationship between his visit to Syria and Turkey. But the reason behind the continuation of these two more trips was because of the need for this timetable and we hope that we can help resolve the problems in the region. ”

Zarif once again expressed his intention to travel to Turkey: “As we have said, on this visit, we will certainly discuss bilateral issues and economic and political cooperation between the two countries, in addition to the task of pursuing decisions. Which is at the meetings of the High Commission for Relations between Iran and Turkey at the level of presidents, will be chaired by foreign ministers of the two countries and will be discussed in this regard as well. ”

Three rounds of Zarif’s visit with Chuvash Oghlu in the first round of a trip to Turkey

Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif met with his own counterpart, Chuvash Oghlu, during his first visit to Turkey, where he discussed ways to expand relations between the two neighboring countries and the latest regional and international developments.

Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif held the first round of talks with his Turkish counterpart, Moludchavoshoglu, in the first round.

Turkish Foreign Minister condolences for financial and financial losses caused by the flood in our country, said Turkey was the first country to send its aid and is ready to send more aid to Iran. The Turkish Foreign Minister reiterated his opposition to US sanctions against Iran and emphasized our position in this regard and we support our brothers in Iran. We are glad that the level of relations between the two countries is a very good level. We need to increase trade exchanges and more economic cooperation with each other. We are serious about the security, border and counterterrorism cooperation

Dr. Zarif also expressed satisfaction at the visit, congratulating the successful local elections in Turkey, as a sign of Iran’s attention to relations with his friend and neighbor, his country’s second visit to Turkey last month. The foreign minister also welcomed the positions of the Turkish authorities and the government in opposing US sanctions against Iran and emphasized the need to strengthen and deepen regional cooperation between the two countries.

The talks also discussed the latest developments in Syria, Dr. Zarif’s consultations with the Syrian authorities, as well as the latest developments in the EU’s financial mechanism to support trade with our country.

Zarif and his counterpart, after the end of the second round of talks, attended a joint press conference and responded to questions from journalists on the most important bilateral, regional and international issues.

Press conference of foreign ministers of Iran and Turkey

Dr. Zarif came to the news conference after meeting with Moldovan Chavez Oghlu, Turkish Foreign Minister.

“I am very happy to do my second trip to Turkey in the last 30 days, and I also congratulate Turkey on the success of the municipal elections and to Mr. Erdogan,” Zarif said.

The foreign minister also spoke about his trip to Syria and the meeting with his country officials, “I had a long discussion with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and I will present a report on this meeting at a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan.

He also said that Iran and Turkey hope that the fate of the region will be determined by its people, and that Iran will never interfere in any internal affairs, nor will it allow the United States to affect its relations with other countries.

Zarif went on to say that the US government has ignored the issue of Palestine and the pursuit of international rules.

He continued: “Thanks to Turkey’s approach to US sanctions against Iran and Ankara’s response to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps being included in the terrorist list of the United States.” We believe, like Turkey, that international law and international law must be respected in all matters.

Zarif added that I sent Mr. Chavooshuglu with information about my visits to Syria and its officials. I will also pass this information and items to Mr. Erdogan. Also, with recent developments in Africa, we are discussing with the Turkish authorities and continuing our discussions.

Iran’s foreign minister said on Syria: “We will continue to work with our friends in Turkey and Russia to expand peace and stability in Syria.” This effort will continue with the formation of a constitutional committee and support for the peace process.

He added: “In connection with the formation of the Syrian Constitution Committee, we have had constructive dialogues with Russia and Turkey, and we have had good talks with the United Nations. The Syrian side also had a good dialogue with the UN Special Representative on the affairs of this country.

Zarif continued: “We hope that two issues will be settled in the context of the constitutional council council.” The first is the composition of this committee and the second is the general principles governing the work of the commission. Of course, details must be specified by the Syrians.

He said the next round of talks will be held in the city of Nursultan in Kazakhstan, and we hope that with the cooperation of Turkish, Russian and United Nations friends as well as the participation of the Syrian parties, we will take this process one more step further.

Zarif told about the Tehran-Ankara bilateral relations: “Our cooperation with Turkey continues in various fields. Today we discussed bilateral cooperation and its promotion. Though we are about 30 billion yards away, efforts are still ongoing. We also discussed the creation of new and different mechanisms to lift US sanctions and expand trade between the two countries.

The secretary pointed to Intex and said there are many ways to continue relations between countries, and Insight is one of those ways.

He added that the United States can not control the relations of other countries. One country can never sacrifice the interests of other countries to defend the position of some elements of the interior.

Confirmation of Chavoos Oghlu to Iran; Emphasis on Opposition to Outrageous US Sanctions

The Turkish Foreign Minister also said at the press conference that, in an interview with Tramp, we told him that the sanctions against Iran should be stopped.

“Our ministers explicitly emphasized that the United States should stop sanctions against Iran and talk with Tramp about it,” he added.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said that during these meetings, we have discussed our concerns about sanctions against Iran and its impact on the whole region. It is important to take serious action to stop these sanctions.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister said that “we do not accept the punishment of the Iranian people through sanctions,” there is no absolute friendship and hostility in international relations. If you put the armed forces of a country on the terrorist list during the decline period, you will be chaotic.

Chuvash Oghlu, on bilateral trade, said: “We will continue our efforts to achieve a $ 30 billion trading volume. In this context, we will examine the creation of new mechanisms along existing mechanisms.

He also said about Turkey’s exemption from US sanctions against Iran: Turkish authorities have announced this to authorities in the United States at various levels.

In response to a Turkish journalist’s question that if the Turkish exemption period is not renewed by US sanctions, Zarif said: “I believe that the United States wants to control relations of other countries, but never can a government rule out some views.” Elements undermine the interests of other countries.

“We have no problem with US partners, but we will not allow the United States to question our business with other countries,” the Foreign Minister said.

An important meeting with Erdogan 

During a one-day trip to Turkey, Mohammad Jawad Zarif met with his country’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and discussed bilateral relations, regional issues and international developments.

During the visit, the Turkish President expressed his sympathy with the family of the victims, expressing regret at the recent floods in some parts of our country due to the flooding.

Dr. Zarif also congratulated Turkey on the successful and successful participation of Turkish citizens in the recent local councils and local election

sides emphasized the expansion of bilateral relations in the framework of the five-state agreements on strengthening the economic relations between the two countries, in opposition to the US-led sanctions and the readmission of the Revolutionary Guards. The meeting also focused on the latest developments in Syria, Yemen and North Africa.

Zarif meets with the head of the Turkish parliament

Mohammad Jawad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, met with Mustafa Shantup, chairman of the parliament, in his meetings with the Turkish authorities in Ankara

The two sides highlighted the level of relations between the two countries and emphasized the serious and honest determination of the two countries’ officials to promote relations and the continuation of political consultations between the two countries, taking into account developments and specific conditions of the region.

The Foreign Minister of Iran and the head of the Turkish National Assembly, referring to the two countries’ positions on opposing US sanctions and illegal measures, called for the unity and cooperation of the countries of the region to confront the actions of the country

Mr. Farazmand Iranian Ambassador in Ankara about the importance of travel Foreign Minister of Iran to Turkey correspondent Tasnim says the visit in the framework of cooperation and coordination are very close neighbors Iran and Turkey to deepen bilateral relations and coordinate stances on regional developments made It is, as you heard Mr. doctor elegant in a press release reported from Damascus to Ankara came, meetings of joint with the Syrian authorities, and as I said, the report of the meeting and impressions from the meetings in Turkey as our partner in the threshold, transfer D

How do you assess the latest trend in bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey in the political and economic fields? We have political, economic, and cultural relations with Turkey, there is a strong will in the leaders of the two countries, the private sector, and the various sectors of the two countries. In order to expand these relations on an ongoing basis, we can almost say that there are no obstacles. We have no mention of the expansion of relations with Turkey.

How many exchanges between the two neighboring countries? The trade turnover between Iran and Turkey in 2018 was less than $ 10 billion, which is not acceptable to both sides, and as you know, the target of $ 30 billion has been for the level of trade between the two countries, and the two sides are trying to This vision will come.

Given the Turkish authorities’ emphasis on opposing sanctions against Iran and their willingness to continue the relationship? It is very serious that the Turkish friends say that they are not bound by US sanctions have proved this in practice, and in neither of the levels of cooperation, trade or energy sector, and even banking issues, we see no negative decisions. We were not from the Turks. Of course, the cruel and unilateral sanctions of the United States have created problems for private companies and banks, but the decision of the Turkish government is to continue its relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and do not consider the US sanctions compulsory.

A delicate summing up of the results of the trip to Turkey

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced an agreement with Turkey to establish a similar mechanism to Intex.

Mohammad Jawad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, briefed journalists before leaving Ankara to explain his trip to Turkey and consultations with the authorities.

Zarif said: “We talked about bilateral relations with Turkish officials and also a good opportunity to discuss regional and global issues,” Zarif said. In the regional and global issues, we have the Syrian debate and the opportunity I had in traveling to Syria and the talks there, and also here (Turkey) we were able to discuss Syria, Idlbl, the discussion of the presence of US forces in Syria, and the concerns about the process There are political issues in this country and we need to take steps to deal with different authorities.

The foreign minister spoke about Venezuela and the illegal US intervention and how it was coordinated. We also talked about North Africa, where there are some worrying moves and the possibility of using military force there.

The Turkish authorities are keen to cooperate with Iran

Referring to the bilateral relationship between Tehran and Ankara, the foreign minister said, “Our friends in Turkey are always opposed to anti-Iran sanctions, and they are also opposed to US illegal action against the Revolutionary Guards, which is our appreciation and appreciation.” . We talked about ways to continue cooperation with sanctions. In five areas, we have agreed to pursue work that includes preferential tariffs, energy cooperation, bank cooperation and the use of common currency, the establishment of a mechanism similar to Intex in bilateral relations and such cooperation. I and the Foreign Minister of Turkey are expected to pursue them in a special way, which, of course, will be followed by joint commissioners.

He added: “Overall, I feel that on the Turkish side there is a keen interest in cooperating seriously in all economic, security, political, regional and international fields, and we also have a kind of relationship with Turkey today, perhaps we did not have the kind of relationship over the past decades. . I am glad that we have similar relations with the rest of our neighbors, relations with Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other northern neighbors of ours, and in Central and Caucasus are excellent relations, and this policy of the 12th government, whose neighbors are our priority, are ahead of Hamdullah. We are hoping to do next to other neighbors.

Zarif continued to write about his letter to foreign ministers in the countries of the world: “After the illegal US action (placing the Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorist groups), I immediately wrote a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the dangers that this action is taking. And then we waited for this action to be taken and on April 15th (on Monday, April 4th), which was an operational act, from the Americans’ viewpoint, at that time I sent letters to foreign ministers of other countries, which both in law and in political terms had dangers I have mentioned the US action as a very worrying and dangerous record for international law and international law and the need for joint action against these US government offenses.

Our country’s foreign minister also said in response to the veto of the Congressional plan to end the support of the country from the White House’s allied coalition with Yemen: “Unfortunately, Netanyahu’s influence and those who have resorted to Netanyahu have been overreached to attend the American political community. Not only is America’s interest and the money of its people, but even the congressional decision for a dependent foreign power, is actually questioned so much. This is for international relations a new indication of the extent of the impact of the Zionist lobby and those who worked with the Zionist lobby on US domestic affairs.

Iran’s ambassador to Ankara: Turkish authorities are serious about expanding ties with Iran / 30 billion dollars targeting trade exchanges

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ankara announced the serious determination of the Turkish authorities to expand relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and their disregard for US unilateral sanctions.

Ambassador Mohammad Farazmand, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ankara, commented on the importance of the visit of our foreign minister to Turkey to the Tasnim Expedition, in the framework of close co-ordination and close coordination between the two neighboring countries of Iran and Turkey to deepen bilateral relations and coordinate positions on regional developments. As you heard and Dr. Zarif said in a press release that they came from Damascus to Ankara, had extensive meetings with the Syrian authorities and, as they said, reported on the visits and their withdrawal from the visits to Turkey, our partner in the threshold process Is transmitted.

Exaggerating the assessment of the latest trends in bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey in political and economic fields? He noted: “We have political, economic, and cultural ties with Turkey, there is a serious determination on the leaders of the two countries, the private sector, and the various sectors of the two countries, in order to expand these relations day by day, it is almost possible He said there is no sign of any barrier to expanding relations with Turkey

How many exchanges between the two neighboring countries? Mr. Farazmand, in response to this question, says Toneman reporter: The trade turnover between Iran and Turkey in 2018 is less than $ 10 billion, which is not acceptable to both sides, and as you know, the target of $ 30 billion for trade exchanges There are two countries and the two sides are trying to achieve this vision.

The Ambassador of our country in Ankara emphasizes the emphasis of the Turkish authorities on the opposition to the sanctions against Iran and their desire to continue the relationship: the words that Turkish friends are saying about not imposing sanctions on the United States is very serious and has proved this in practice, and We have not seen any negative decisions by the Turks at any of the levels of cooperation, trade and energy sectors, and even banking issues. Of course, the cruel and unilateral sanctions of the United States have created problems for private companies and banks, but the decision of the Turkish government is to continue its relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and do not consider the US sanctions compulsory.

Conclusion Delicate trip to Damascus and Ankara

Altogether, Zarif’s visit to Syria and Turkey can be regarded as very important and influential in the current situation. As the foreign minister stressed, the expansion of good-neighborly relations with neighboring countries like Turkey and Syria is on the agenda of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And especially with regard to the outrageous US sanctions and its pressure on other governments, the importance of our relations with our neighbors and friends is more than ever before.

Syrian authorities have repeatedly emphasized and acknowledged that victory over takfiri terrorism was due to the undisputed support of the Islamic Republic of Iran and without such support, there was no possibility of a victory over terrorism, Syrian authorities have also stated that Iran will play a major role in rebuilding Syria and for Damascus, The participation of Iranian companies in the reconstruction of Syria will be a priority.

Dr. Zarif’s visit to Damascus and Ankara and his intensive talks with senior Turkish and Syrian leaders and officials can be described as successful, since both Turkish and Syrian authorities have described this trip in the current circumstances of the region, important and timely. The warm welcoming of the Syrian and Turkish authorities of our foreign minister is a clear message to the United States about their resolve to expand relations with Iran despite unilateral and hostile sanctions and an affirmation of the importance of the trip to Damascus and Ankara.

Turkish Foreign Minister Chuvash Oghlu, in a meeting with Zarif, explicitly emphasized his opposition to US cruel US sanctions against Iran, the head of the Turkish diplomacy said that we will continue our efforts to reach the $ 30 billion trading volume. In this context, we will examine the creation of new mechanisms along existing mechanisms. The serious desire of the Turkish authorities to expand ties with Iran, the success of Iran’s diplomacy, and the disregard for American policies to force Turkey to pursue cruel sanctions against Iran and the failure of these policies.

Zarif’s meeting with top officials in Syria and Turkey reflects the close views of the two countries on important regional and international issues. In this regard, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Maqdad, in an interview with the Tsensim deputy correspondent, visited Iran’s Foreign Minister’s visit and visits Significant with the president and other Syrian officials, he said that the two countries’ views were in line with the challenges and threats that the US government had made with its intransigent decisions to boycott the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and put its name on the terrorist list as well as support for Israel to annex the occupied Golan Ghods Occupation threatens the region and its countries.

Dr. Zarif’s visit to Syria was a point that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu’alem mentioned in an interview with the Tunisian expedition and said we were very happy with the visit of our dear brother Dr. Zarif to Damascus, which was actually done at the right time. And it was timely that issues and issues were deepened and expanded. Al-Muallem is constructive and fruitful for Zarif’s meeting with Bashar al-Assad and described the victory of Syria on terrorism as the backbone of Iran and saying that Syria’s victory over terrorism was, in fact, the common victory of our people and the nation of Iran’s brother, and we have always looked at more victories.

Another remarkable point about Dr. Zarif’s regional journey, especially to Syria, was that the parties and anti-revolutionary forces tried to provoke a hypocritical incident in the course of the recent Syrian President Bashar Assad’s recent visit to Tehran and the subtle resignation, which they believed were Resignation means a subtle controversy with Iran’s policies in Syria and the existence of a rift between the senior officials of the system, which denied Zarif’s recent visit to Damascus and intensive meetings and consultations with Syrian authorities and their warm and fraternal welcome from him. And indicated that the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to

The other thing about the Zarif journey is the intensification of diplomatic efforts and solutions to resolve the political crisis in Syria, in particular the role of Iran, Turkey and Russia through the so-called Astana process, with subtle deliberations and meetings in Damascus and Ankara on this issue of coordination and cooperation Closer to complete the achievements made at previous meetings, he insists that Iran is determined to direct the diplomatic efforts and movements as soon as possible to the Syrian ship, which is still facing difficulties and crises, especially because of the continued presence of terrorist groups in parts of the country, including Idlib crashes, to the safe and secure beach And after the years of war and destruction caused by the presence of terrorist groups, the Syrians will be able to see stability, security and prosperity as soon as possible.

The appreciation of the Syrian authorities and their special thanks to the Islamic Republic of Iran for the continued support of the Syrian government and people over the past eight years, when it was involved in a devastating war and a burning down of hostile states and multinational terrorists, It was a journey that Zarif walked in the streets of Damascus while calm down and, with the Syrians, spent the Syrian capital’s old bazaar in the first years of the crisis, who, in the first years of the crisis, saw the work of Syria as the main ally of Iran, and to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad Assad was counting, but today Damascus and to Specifically, the airport’s route to the capital and the area of ​​Sayyeda Zaynab is absolutely safe, while once the Takfiri terrorist groups drove along these routes, and no one could move safely and securely on these routes, today it is so It has a peaceful and stable place where people can easily walk around the streets and roads

The Zarif travel to Syria and Turkey and its extensive and important consultations with senior officials from these countries promise that we will see the development and deepening of relations between Iran and our friends and allies.

The activist of the diplomacy officer in cyberspace and the international arena at the same time as the intensive mission in Damascus and Ankara

Emphasis on the success of the trip to Syria and Turkey

Mohammad Jawad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Iran, on Wednesday afternoon on a trip to Syria and Turkey, published a message on Twitter, which evaluated this regional trip positively.

In a Twitter message, Mohammad Jawad Zarif stated: “We completed a successful regional journey. During this visit, we held important talks on bilateral relations [with Syria and Turkey] with President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister and Syrian Foreign Minister, as well as with President Erdogan, Speaker of Parliament and Turkish Foreign Minister and other senior officials from both countries. For Iran, the region is always a priority. ”

He also criticized American warfare. “Even the US Congress wants to put an end to the stabilization efforts in Yemen,” Zarif said in a Twitter message. But those who Netanyahu prefers to do with anything, they continue to insist on endless wars with oil dollars and with the support of their roadblocks at the White House at the expense of the Americans and contrary to the interests of the United States. ”

Zarif’s Important Letter to Foreign Ministers: A recent US action is a threat to international order

At the same time as our diplomatic movements and talks in Turkey, the foreign minister wrote important names to his counterparts in the world.

Referring to the dangerous legal and political consequences of the recent terrorist regime in the United States, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a detailed letter addressed to the foreign ministers of the world, referred to the official military force of an independent state which is a member of the United Nations and a member of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Humanitarian law (the right to armed conflict) states: Of course, there are differences of opinion and views among different governments over many international issues, but in the post-World War II world, we all accept that any disagreement that persists It can put international peace and security at risk Peaceful and within the framework of international law and the UN Charter to settle. Although former US governments have often ignored and violated these basic rules of the structure, the current government is in the process of moving on and creating dangerous practices that end up destroying and destroying the entire structure.

Zarif called the recent US action one of the most serious threats against the international order, adding that the effects of this dangerous action are not merely limited to the erosion and destruction of the integrity of world order in the long run, but that the act of provoking and supporting some ideological elements in the government The current US and a few regimes in our region – part of a more general and urgent effort aimed at increasing tensions between Iran and the United States and eliminating all mechanisms for reducing tension and destroying political and political options. Peacebuilding tools are being used to resolve the disputes, and ultimately the option and option of resorting to direct exposure I did not stay.

In another part of the letter, he emphasized that the announcement, along with fake allegations of “communication” between Iran and al-Qaeda, is part of a plan designed to prepare public opinion of the American people for a new adventure in the West Asian region Provides a forum for the US executive to claim the legal authority to use military force against another country.

The Foreign Minister stated in this letter that all governments should work to prevent the implementation of such a unilateral and evil plan.

Referring to a history of terrorist acts committed by US forces in the West Asian region, he also reminded his counterparts that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been reciprocally referred to as the Central Command of the American Armed Forces in the West Asian region Has identified Centcom as a terrorist organization. However, he has stated that, despite numerous examples of the terrorist nature of the actions of these forces, our country’s attempt to identify this part of the official American forces is merely interacting, and our legal position regarding the international legal principle of “equality of sovereignty Governments “as well as the definition of terrorism has not changed.

In the later sections of this letter, Zarif also compares with the use of comparisons of the criminal acts of the US forces in the region and their obvious and covert protections from the terrorist and extremist organizations – even at the time of the campaign he acknowledged by his current president – The continuous and sacrifices of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the fight against extremist and extremist groups from the outlying cities of California and the European cities to Kabul and Baghdad have consistently led to the killing of human beings and the plunder of human rights. The Islamic Republic of Iran, in the light of this Facts that strongly violate the law

* Reza Mehri, a Tunisian expedition correspondent to Syria and Turkey

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