A statement about Eager Lion, Central Command’s largest and most complex exercise, in Jordan

I received this in September and forgot to post it, posting it now just for future reference.

Lieutenant Colonel James Dunphy, lead CENTCOM Eager Lion planner:

“Eager Lion, U.S. Central Command’s largest and most complex exercise, attracted about 8,000 participants from 30 nations, including the United States and Jordan. By all accounts, Eager Lion 2019 was a success, thanks to the leadership of Brig Gen Mohommad Thalji and warm welcome from the Jordan Armed Forces. A few notables from this year compared to previous iterations: One is a broader role of the Jordan Armed Forces’ Female Engagement Team, which is an element of the Quick Reaction Force. Another improvement was deeper involvement of cyber operations. And a third was the first-ever bilateral “fly-away” mission involving a Qatari C-17 and Jordan Armed Forces rotary-wing assets. We came away with a deeper appreciation of how fragile security is in the Middle East, a better understanding of how our forces can work together in times of crisis, and ultimately, stronger relationships that will help us in the future.”

U.S. forces have largely departed Jordan, but you may be able to engage Brig Gen Mohommad Thalji, the Jordan Armed Forces’ director of joint exercises and training, who served as the Eager Lion 19 co-director. You may reach Brig Gen Thalji through the Directorate of Morale Guidance, which is the Jordan Armed Forces PAO, at EagerLion2019@jaf.mil.jo, or you can call/WhatsApp +962 7 722 1225 and ask for Lt Col Saeed or Lt Col Droa to coordinate a phone interview.

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