Middle East drone UPDATES

This blog will look at news about drones in the Middle East.

February 19, CENTCOM reveals a shipment it intercepted in November 2019 “The shipment interdicted by the USS FORREST SHERMAN in November included several unmanned-aerial system components–including engines and related parts, as well as servos used to move control surfaces and to regulate the throttle.”

February 22

UAE: The Emirates Insider Defense and Consulting Company, during its participation in the activities of the exhibition Yumex and Simtex 2020, which starts tomorrow Sunday for a period of 3 days at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center, reveals the latest systems for monitoring drone and dealing with hostile drones.  Sulaiman Abdul Karim Al Fahim, CEO of the company, said: We are pleased to participate for the first time in the events of the two exhibitions as we seek to enhance our presence as an Emirati company in the field of defense and surveillance system.

Iran: Ansarullah (Houthis) disrupted Pompeo visit and upcoming G20 by targeting Yanbu. “The message was sent in response to the killing of 40 Yemeni civilians on February 15, 2020, most of them women and children (Saudi Arabia on Sunday drew a vengeance for the downfall of a Saudi-led coalition’s Tornado fighter jet by Yemeni army air defenses in the area. Al Jouf which was bombed). The message was, in fact, a warning to Riyadh and Washington that the policy of ‘buying time’ cannot last until the end, and that their thinking that they can delay Ansarollah’s power by delaying and buying time is no longer an illusion. The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Yahya, said of the Sana’a operation using 12 Samad 3 UAVs and two Quds type anti-aircraft missiles and a long-range “Zulfiqar” anti-Saudi missile anti-aircraft missile. The framework has been a natural and legal response to the crimes of the Saudi aggressor coalition and has also threatened the Saudi regime that it will suffer more severe blows if the siege and aggression continue in Yemen. Saudi authorities subsequently forced dozens of cyber-activists to remove scenes of explosions in Saudi Yanbu that lasted more than half an hour. Operation Yanabe (Yanbu) disrupted all of Saudi Arabia’s plans to create a temporary ceasefire to continue its internal and external devastation against Yemen.”

Details on Houthi cruise missiles: “In July 2019, the Yemeni Military Industry Branch unveiled a winged rocket called Quds in displaying ballistic missiles and drones. Cruise wing missiles are a class of aerial suicide weapons. The winged rocket can carry a nuclear warhead or an explosive warhead weighing between 500 and 1,000 kilograms….Navigation System (Tercom), meanwhile, uses databases containing 3D maps stored in the front of the missile and linked to its radar system to read the geographic contour lines of the area where the winged missile flies, so that the missile can map. Compare your stored 3D with your radar data while flying toward the target.” Full details here.

Syria: Remains of a drone reportedly shot down over Jabal al-Zawiya today.

Yemen: According to Fars News Agency, a Saudi coalition spy plane crashed east of al-Khuba in the Jizan border area in southernSaudi Arabia with northern Yemen. Yemeni troops and committees of the Yemeni Army and People’s Committees operate within the framework of a third deterrent operation, an enemy spy drone invading northern Yemeni airspace east of al-Khuba overlooking Saudi Arabia and carrying out a hostile mission.

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